Aaron Thornburg
Aaron thornburg
Full name

Aaron Daniel Thornburg


July 12, 1987

Endurance, 1st place

Bozeman, MT




Blue Team


Jonna Mannion


Right to Stay


Don't Drop the Ball

Aaron is the outdoorsy type, who loves fishing and hunting. (He once caught 300 snakes in two days!). He has his own business making Christmas ornaments out of fly-fishing hooks, and he can do some mean animal calls, including a bull elk mating call, a cow in heat and a gobbler turkey.

— bio
Aaron Daniel Thornburg (born July 12, 1987) is a former contestant and winner on Endurance. He competed alongside his partner, Jonna Mannion, as the Blue Team.


Aaron was homeschooled until ninth grade. . He and his father are rattlesnake hunters. In his audition tape for Endurance, Aaron crosscountry skiied with his cat on his shoulder.


At fifteen years old, Aaron was selected to be a part of the first season of Endurance.

Aaron was one of the contestants that made it through the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, he didn't want to be part of the drama, because it made enemies of each other. He was one of the four people who went against Jonna's list. Ironically, he was paired with her on the list and in reality.


  • "I don't like [the partner selection]; it's turning everyone against of each other."
  • "I did say I like you." (to Sabrina)

Post EnduranceEdit

Aaron graduated from Bozeman High School in Bozeman, Montana. He later attended Montana State University and currently works for Animal Planet.


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