Alex Carignan
Full name

Alex Carignan

Endurance: High Sierras, 1st place

Leominster, MA




Green Team


Cealey Godwin


Balance is the Key



This die-hard Red Sox fan, Division One baseball player and “A” student believes his enthusiasm is his biggest strength. He tackles everything with total commitment. That includes taking on sports like alpine ski racing and competitive swimming. He believes the key to winning is making strong alliances. He also believes he has what it takes to win because being the middle child has toughened him; his older brother picks on him, and his sister blames him for everything!

— bio
Alex Carignan is a former contestant and winner of Endurance: High Sierras. He competed alongside Cealey Godwin as the Green Team.


At age 14, Alex was one of 20 contestants cast for the fifth season of Endurance.

Alex was given the free pass by Aric, allowing him to skip the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, he wanted Cealey for a partner, which he did via Dakota and Kelsey. In the following mission, he and Cealey finished first, becoming the Green Team.


  • "This is the start of many more to come." (refering to It's A Drag)
  • "Being in last place the whole game, and coming big in the last mission, it feels phenomenal."

Post EnduranceEdit

  • Insert information


  • His lucky number is 7.
  • His dog, Rascal, can bark the entire english alphabet.
  • His favorite color is magenta.
  • He can whistle underwater.
  • While competing in Endurance: High Sierras, he broke his collarbone and right femur. He also removed his own molar.
  • He is a distant relative of Shel Silverstein. 
  • His great grandparents emmigrated to the U.S. from Mozambique and were processed at Ellis Island in 1914. His original family name was Carignangngliopus.
  • His favorite movie is the 3-hour long Director's Cut of Maid in Manhattan.

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