In general terms, an alliance is an agreement/friendship between two or more teams/persons, created to reach common goals.

On EnduranceEdit

Alliances are made on Endurance for several reasons: it's not only to have friends to support a team/player, but to advance the participating parties to the finale, which involves, at times, picking off any teams they deem threatening their chances of winning. Most, if not all alliances, have became friends during their tenure on the show, and some became enemies with anyone outside the alliance or wanting them to get kicked off.

In other cases, however, alliances are made to avoid elimination, like the Yellow-Orange Alliance in the final four (E3).

Endurance AlliancesEdit


  • Gray-Yellow-Red--earliest alliance of Endurance, but lasted a short time, as Gray would be the first team eliminated.
  • The Brotherhood (Blue, Purple, Orange, Green [specifically the guys of the teams])--made to fight the Gray-Yellow-Red alliance, but ended when Blue gave Orange the Samadhi in Tilt, the same episode it was formed. Blue eventually betrayed the other teams and joined their rivals.
  • Red-Yellow-Blue--alliance among the three strongest teams. Formed after the breakup of the Brotherhood.
  • Green-Orange--made to go against the Red-Yellow-Blue Alliance as the last teams of the Brotherhood.
  • Yellow-Green--Sabrina's temporary alliance with Lana.

Endurance 2Edit

  • Green-Yellow-Brown--made between the three females of the group as a friendship, as well as being the two teams which supported the Brown Team's return
  • Purple-Red-Orange-Gray--a relatively loose alliance against GYB, along with Scooter. They were against Max and Jenna's rearrival.
  • Purple-Brown--a temporary alliance between the two strongest teams.

Endurance 3: HawaiiEdit

  • Purple-Red-Orange-Gray (also known as PROG)--the main alliance of the season, trying to pick off the Yellow Team
  • Green-Yellow-Brown--between friends to go against PROG
  • Yellow-Brown-Orange--secret alliance against PROG making Nicole and Demian the villains of the season. Subsequentially exposed, and Yellow was punished for it.
  • Yellow-Orange--a desperation alliance between the two teams because of Purple and Gray's friendship in the final four.

Endurance: TehachapiEdit

  • Purple-Green--mainly between Jonathan and Isaac as a friendship, but is a strong alliance on its own right.
  • Gray-Blue--an alliance which was exposed early in the game, putting the two teams in danger.
  • Green-Red--mainly a friendship between Jeszie and Erika

Endurance: High SierrasEdit

  • Purple-Red-Orange-Green--the major alliance of E5, controlled everything
  • Yellow-Blue-Gray--a possible alliance among the targets of PROG
  • Purple-Green--a sub-alliance of PROG, mainly a friendship between the two teams
  • Yellow-Gray--a friendship between the two teams

Endurance: FijiEdit

  • Orange-Green--the main, but secret alliance. Also involved the Red Team, but not as much because occasionally, they would try to kick Red off.
  • Purple-Blue-Red (to some degree)--an alliance that didn't know about the Orange-Green alliance

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