The Annie-Calley Conflict is a conflict on Endurance 2, featuring Annie Kim from the Purple Team and Calley Payne from the Yellow Team.

Annie vs calley

Overview Edit

While in the first two episodes, Annie and Calley seemed to get along well (in Wash Out, Annie talked to Calley and Michelle about why all the guys wanted Jacquelynn as a partner), when Max and Jenna rearrived, they developed different opinions on their return. Whereas Calley was really happy to see them back and immediately befriended Jenna, Annie thought they shouldn't be on E2 and worked to get them eliminated. Over time, however, this conflict became more personal.

Summary Edit

Fireball Edit

During the challenge, when Christa caught the second Blue ball, Calley told her to eliminate Purple, but Scooter told her to eliminate Yellow, which she did. Purple ended up winning the mission.

Later on, Annie thought of giving Brown the Samadhi, but notes how if she gave it to Brown, then Calley had said that she would target any team who did so, which made Annie want to give the Samadhi to Yellow, but ultimately decided against it.

Rollerball Edit

Calley tried to persuade Green to send Purple, because she wanted them gone. In a confessional that same episode, she stated she and Annie didn't like each other.

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