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Aric Manthey
Full name

Aric Manthey


December 20, 1990



Endurance: High Sierras, 6th place

Madison, South Dakota




Yellow Team


Lilly Brown


Balance is the Key



Winning Endurance would be fulfilling a dream for this outstanding athlete. Besides excelling in track and field and bow hunting, Aric loves competing in power-lifting competitions. However, he believes that it will take more than just muscle to win the competition. His main goals are to compete with honesty, fairness and good teamwork. But don't let Aric's down-to-earth approach to playing Endurance fool you — this rough-and-tumble country boy is out to prove he can hang in this game with anyone!

— bio
Aric Manthey is a former contestant on Endurance: High Sierras. He competed alongside Lilly Brown as the Yellow Team.


At 15 years old, he was cast for the 5th season of Endurance.

Aric was chosen by the guys to skip the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, he got Lilly as a partner, and was happy, because she was a strong girl. They became the Yellow Team after that.

Despite their potential to be a strong team, they did fairly average in challenges, and were weakened when they were chosen to go to the first Temple of Fate. Because Connor knew Darci's strategy, he gave it to the Yellow Team because they wanted Gray gone. At Temple, they survived.

However, after that, they became the "new Gray", which led them to become the second team eliminated.


Aric was portrayed as a cool, down-to earth guy who didn't cause that much drama.


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