Battle for the Pieces
Season 3, Episode 17
Battle for the Pieces
Aired February 12, 2005
Mission Float Your Boat
Pyramid piece Luck, Perseverance

(via Yellow)

Winner Gray Team
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Battle for the Pieces is the twentieth episde of Endurance 3: Hawaii.


It takes 12 Pyramid Pieces to win Endurance, and today the last few are up for grabs. Can the 2nd place team cause an upset and increase their odds of winning, or will the leaders dominate again and win the game by a landslide?


At last, the final day of Endurance: Hawaii has arrived! And when the Orange and Gray teams meet with JD at the huts on this sunny morning in the jungles of Kauai, he takes a moment to congratulate them on making it to the championship round. But they soon get down to business, reading the now-departed Yellow team's farewell letter. In the letter, Bryanah and Monroe express their sympathies to Demian for having to deal with Nicole as a partner, but they postscript the comment by telling him it was his own fault for choosing her in the first place! They then go on to express their admiration for Lindi and Chris, and wish them the best of luck at winning the championship.

The good news for Orange is that the Yellow team couldn't leave their pieces to Gray, which would've given them an even more overwhelming lead. Instead, their two pieces will be up for grabs in the day's mission, Battle for the Pieces! In this mission, the two teams will compete in a boat race around the waters of Kauai. Four pyramid pieces wrapped in burlap will be placed on individual platforms at various points in the water, one of which will be Yellow's Luck piece. The others will be three decoys. The teams must successfully navigate the water to retrieve as many pieces as they can. Whichever team crosses the finish line first is guaranteed the other Yellow pyramid piece: Perseverance! At the end of the race, the teams will unwrap their collected pieces to see which team picked up the Luck piece along the way. Facing an 8-to-2 deficit, the Orange team must play this mission well if they are to get back in the game. But before they begin the race, JD gives the teams some time to reflect upon their Endurance experience and personalize their boats.

As it turns out, the bickering between Nicole and Demian continues with the seemingly mundane task at hand - they can't even come to a mutual agreement on how to decorate their boat! Nicole wonders how they will manage to retrieve the two last pyramid pieces when the mission relies upon teamwork: one person needs to row the boat and the other needs to steer it!

Before the mission begins, JD points out that both the Gray and Orange teams pay tribute to their fellow (and now eliminated) contestants by prominently displaying the team colors of those no longer in the game. But Demian concedes that Orange copied off Gray's boat! Everyone gets a welcome laugh as the pre-mission tension mounts.

The race begins, and right off the bat the Orange team begins to argue with each other, showing absolutely no teamwork. Meanwhile, Chris and Lindi appear to be seasoned sailors, easily navigating their boat through the water. Gray easily retrieves the first and second burlap pieces. Orange tries to make a play for the third piece, but winds up merely going in circles. Meanwhile, Gray easily cruises along and picks up both pieces three and four! It is now a guarantee that Gray will add at least one more pyramid piece to their total! To make matters worse, while Orange is stuck in the murky water, Gray coasts past the finish line. They have now won the mission and both of Yellow's pieces, which gives them a 10-to-2 pyramid piece lead over Orange heading into the final showdown at the Temple!

With such an overwhelming lead, Chris and Lindi are pretty confident they'll wind up champions. That said, they know that on Endurance anything can happen. Meanwhile, Nicole and Demian come to grips with the fact that they're enormous underdogs and will most likely end the evening as runner-ups. But, as with every edition of Endurance, it will be fate that has the final say.


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Chris & Lindi KnowledgeTeamworkHeartCourageDiscipline
Knowledge, Teamwork, Heart, Courage, Discipline,
Strength, Trust, Ingenuity, Perserverance & Luck
Demian & Nicole LeadershipCommitment
Leadership & Commitment

Game PlayEdit

In Float Your Boat, the game is in the form of a boat race. Both teams sail across the lake, hoping to get pieces. However, only one will be the real one, while the others will be decoys. The first team to cross the finish line will also get the Perseverance piece as a reward.