Bjorn Leum
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Bjorn Leum



Endurance 3: Hawaii, 7th place

Ennis, MT




Green Team


Alex Reid


The Arrival


Squaring Off

"Ah, nine fingers."
— Bjorn in Ring of Fire

Blessed with a dry sense of humor, the athletic Bjorn admits that girls on the show may distract him - and his easygoing ways may conflict with the competition. Still, he works hard in school and at sports, and likes to tell the story of how he lost a finger.

— bio
Bjorn Leum is a former contestant on Endurance 3: Hawaii. He competed alongside his partner, Alex Reid, as the Green Team.


Bjorn was first seen in the Casting Special's casting calls, talking about how he lost a finger when he was two years old, when it got chopped off and his late dog ate it. He got a call saying he made it to the final forty, then was cast to be on the third season of Endurance.

After being one of the fourteen contestants that survived the Right to Stay, he caught the #9 ball, and partnered up with Alex to form the Green Team. By Ring of Fire, he said he wouldn't want to be on any other team, with a clip showing him carrying Alex in the jungle. During the challenge itself, the Green Team was one the last two teams, but ultimately lost to Purple.

Quotes Edit

  • "Ah, nine fingers."
  • "Can I just sit down right now?"

Trivia Edit

  • When Bjorn was two, he lost his finger.


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