Brandon Johnson
Full name

Brandon Johnson

Endurance 3: Hawaii, Eliminated

Lithonia, GA




The Arrival


First Elimination (first time)
Headstrong (second time)”

Brandon is athletic and competitive and swears he can make Hercules "look like French toast!" Bold and outgoing, he likes people, singing and acting and playing all kinds of sports. Bugs? He's the one who kills them around the house.

— bio
Brandon Johnson was a contestant on Endurance 3: Hawaii. He was eliminated in the Right to Stay challenge.


At thirteen years old, Brandon was one of twenty new teens selected to be a part of the third season of Endurance.

Brandon was one of the six contestants to be eliminated in the Right to Stay. However, a twist in Headstrong allowed these contestants to return. In the mission to follow, Brandon was the second person to drop his tiki, and was eliminated again with Tom's victory.


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