Briana Vega
Full name

Briana Vega


January 29, 1992

Endurance: Fiji, 6th place

Winter Springs, Florida




Yellow Team


Kyle Curtis


End of the Rope


Box Launch

"That's the way the game goes!"
— Briana arguing about the partner selection in Memory Race

This homeschooled teen says her favorite place to do her homework is sitting in a tree! Briana loves to dance and spends four nights a week at her dance studio, for four hours each night! In fact she dances so much that her best friend has coined the phrase "SDB" (meaning "Stop Dancing Bri.") When she's not dancing, this active girl is singing, rock climbing, roller-skating or wakeboarding!

— bio
Briana Vega is a former contestant on Endurance: Fiji. She competed with Kyle Curtis as the Yellow Team.


At the age of 15, she was cast as one of the 16 contestants that will compete on the 6th season of Endurance.

Briana was one of the 12 contestants that made it through the right to stay. In the partner selection, she was set up to be paired with Kyle, but she objected it. She threatened that if she wins the challenge, she will switch the list up. However, in the end, Briana was paired with Kyle as the Yellow Team.

Afterward, they were targeted by the rest of the group, leading to their early elimination.

Portrayal & RelationshipsEdit

Briana was depicted as a strong-willed contestant.


  • "That's the way the game goes!"

Post EnduranceEdit

Briana appeared in High School Musical: Get in the Picture, a reality show that conducted a nationwide talent hunt and followed a group of contestants undergoing training to hone their skills.

She attended Valencia Community College.


  • With the exception of spelling, she shares the same name as Endurance: Hawaii contestant Bryanah Bascon. Coincidentally, both girls were on the Yellow Teams of their respective seasons.
    • They also had partners they didn't want and were targeted by almost everybody. However, whereas Bryanah eventually got along with her partner and made it to the final three, Briana's team was the first eliminated.
  • Had Andres survived the Right to Stay, Briana would've been partnered with him, averting this season's drama.
  • Briana and Kyle became the last ever team on Endurance, because they were made a team by default in Memory Race.

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