Caleb Courtney
Full name

Caleb Courtney

Endurance: Fiji, 4th place

Blowing Rock, North Carolina




Orange Team


Lauren Dixon


End of the Rope


Shark Bait

This jock from the Appalachian Mountains is an avid football player and his favorite place to hang out is the basketball court. He believes his secret weapon on Endurance will be his massive muscles! But it's not all about sports for Caleb. He's also a talented musician and plays the guitar, drums, piano and the trumpet.

— bio
Caleb Courtney is a former contestant of Endurance: Fiji. He competed alongside his partner Lauren Dixon as the Orange Team.


At fifteen years old, Caleb was one of sixteen new teens selected to be a part of the sixth season of Endurance.


  • "I bring into the world and take little from it"
  • "I feel like a mermaid on a pirate boat!"
  • "That must be the work of a third level magician."
  • "Take picture of K-bug"
  • "I honestly enjoyed the movie Santa Puppies 3"
  • "I'm Caleb and I'm like super muscular and stuff. Wow, look at ma muscles. Wow. Man. Muscle content. Pure lift. That's gains right there. Gains, man. Drink 3 to 4 gall's of old H20. Thats how, I tell you. Get the gains, brotha man. Get. The. Gains."

Post EnduranceEdit

Caleb started making a video channel shortly after the show ended. In it he talked about his experiences and how he wanted to continue his journey into reality television.

In 2012, Caleb made a short apperence on American Idol during the Charleston Auditions, however, was not chosen to move on.

In 2015, Caleb moved to Nasheville, TN with the love of his life, Kelly Courtney.

He currently plays a lot of GTA V, has acquired the impressive title CEO, and is notable good at the game mode: Deadline. Caleb Courtney knows how to nolly hard flip 360 and can perform the complex double backflip in Rob Dyrdeks megapark ramp in the game Skate 3.

Caleb Courtney is currently sitting down in his house.


-Caleb Courtney has mastered the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z -Caleb Courtney taught Darty Vader how to use the force -Caleb Courtney enjoys long walks on the beach -Caleb Courtney enjoys predicting the weather and constantly getting it wrong

Caleb Courtney has a strange love for the Freeman Gas company. As he always says, "Freeman, Freeman, Freeman FREEMAN!!!"



Wow, what a muscular man!

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