Cinnamon Aldridge
Full name

Cinnamon Jay Aldridge

Endurance: Fiji, Eliminated

Omaha, Nebraska




End of the Rope


End of the Rope

"Hold on for dear life, girls."
— Cinnamon motivating the other girls in End of the Rope

Cinnamon has a unique name and a style all her own. Not only did she get her black belt in Tae Kwan Do in six years, but she can also kick more than ¾ her weight on a sparring bag and she enjoys spending free time teaching the martial art to younger kids. Cinnamon has many other extra curricular activities, including the school band and choir. And her Girl Scout Troop made the local news when they sent 500 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to the troops in Iraq.

— bio
Cinnamon Jay Aldridge is a former contestant on Endurance: Fiji. She was eliminated in the Right to Stay challenge.


In the beginning of her time on Endurance, her fellow contestants considered her a threat, because of her age and different talents. Most of them wanted her gone for those reasons.

During the Right to Stay, she tried to motivate the other girls to hang on, but she herself slipped off, eliminating herself from Endurance.


  • "Hold on for dear life, girls."

Post EnduranceEdit


  • Cinnamon was the last contestant overall to be eliminated in the Right to Stay.

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