Create Your Own Game
Season 3, Episode 15
Create your own game
Aired January 29, 2005
Mission Create Your Own Game
Pyramid piece Ingenuity
Winner Gray Team
Samadhi Yellow Team
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Create Your Own Game is the eighteenth episode of Endurance 3: Hawaii.


The three remaining teams must work together to create their last Endurance Mission. Can they come up with a game that challenges everyone equally, or will a hidden talent give one team an unexpected advantage?


And then there were three - only the Yellow, Gray and Orange teams remain on Endurance: Hawaii! JD meets with the remaining contestants at the huts first thing in the morning to read the Purple team's farewell letter, and to find out which team Purple has left their pyramid pieces to. Although Sara and Reece seemed to have left the island on good terms with everyone, they specifically cite the Gray team as their greatest friends, and make good on a promise to leave their 3 pieces to them. With the addition of Purple's pieces, the Gray team now has an astounding 7 pieces total; both the Yellow and Orange teams have only two apiece!

Despite the daunting lead Gray holds, there are more challenges ahead and anyone could come out on top. JD goes on to explain the day's Endurance mission, CREATE YOUR OWN GAME. The name pretty much says it all; for the first time in Endurance history, the contestants must cooperate with each other to create their own game using only objects that were used in previous missions! They must also create the rules of the game that they must all follow when the challenge begins. On the line in this mission is the twelfth and final pyramid piece, INGENUITY, as well as the right to handicap another team in the next day's Temple mission by giving them the Samadhi.

The contestants begin brainstorming, but with little success. And the task proves to be extremely difficult at first, as no one can agree on any of the ideas that are suggested. But soon the six contestants see eye-to-eye, and are able to create their game, draft the rules and devise a scoring system that will determine the winner.

Upon JD's return, he is treated to one of the most unusual games ever seen on Endurance. The contestants have devised a game that takes place within a large, roped-off triangle area anchored by three posts, each of which is the starting point for the three teams playing. The object of the game is for the blindfolded girls to be verbally guided by their partners (who must stand at the starting point posts) to retrieve five team-colored triangle pieces that have been randomly placed within the roped-off area by their competitors. The girls must then successfully place these pieces in their team's designated basket. However, also placed throughout the roped-off area, are several Tiki statues that serve as obstacles; should any of the blindfolded contestants accidentally touch one of the Tiki men, they will be forced to drop the piece they are holding and start over again from their post. The first team that manages to collect all five of their team's colored pieces wins the game.

With everyone ready to go, JD begins the game. From the start it appears that both the Yellow and Orange teams are having some communication difficulties. But the Gray team seems to have no problems at all. Using her outstretched finger to give her directional bearing, Lindi deftly follows Chris's vocal instructions. Gray is the first team to put a piece in their basket. They are also the first team to put their second piece in their basket. Finally Orange manages to retrieve a piece. Yellow manages to retrieve a piece as well, but soon thereafter Lindi captures Gray's third piece. Both Orange and Yellow keep it somewhat close by nabbing their second piece, but after Bryanah accidentally touches a Tiki and Nicole and Demian continue to have communication issues, Gray is able to retrieve their fourth piece. Although both Orange and Yellow manage to get their third pieces in their basket, it's only a formality as Gray easily gets their fifth piece and wins the game.

Gray's win is devastating to both Yellow and Orange. Now Gray not only has eight pieces (a six piece lead), but they also have the Samadhi to give to either Yellow or Orange later in the day! Down but not out, Bryanah, Monroe and Demian try to create a plan to defeat Gray in the next day's Temple mission. At one point, the Yellow team attempts to dupe Demian into asking Gray to give him the Samadhi, but Nicole swiftly puts the kibosh on that plan.

Later on at the ISLAND, the final three teams meet with JD to find out which team will be handicapped by the Samadhi in the forthcoming Temple mission. But before JD asks Gray for their final decision, he allows Monroe to recite a bit of Endurance history: during the first 2 editions of Endurance, at the point of the game where only three teams were left, the team in charge of assigning the Samadhi actually chose to throw it out of the game, making the final Temple mission a completely level playing field. While Yellow thinks it would be appropriate, Nicole disagrees, believing it would be unfair to all of those who previously were eliminated from the game to throw out the Samadhi at this point. Gray team agrees with Nicole, and decides to give the Samadhi to Yellow.

When Monroe breaks open the Samadhi, the Yellow teams discovers a tablet with the number "1" on it. JD alerts them that they'll have 1 additional row in the next day's Temple mission.

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Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Monroe & Bryanah PerserveranceLuck
Perserverance & Luck
Chris & Lindi KnowledgeTeamworkHeartCourageDisciplineStrengthTrustIngenuity
Knowledge, Teamwork, Heart, Courage, Discipline, Strength, Trust & Ingenuity
Demian & Nicole LeadershipCommitment
Leadership & Commitment


In the game the 6 remaining players created, one teammate is bound in a triangle and blindfolded, while the other one is outside and has to yell directions. The teammate inside the triangle has to collect five pieces of their team color. If they hit a tiki , they have to drop all their pieces and start over. The first team to get all 5 pieces wins.

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Trivia Edit

  • First time where the final Samadhi of the season isn't thrown out before the Temple Mission.
  • Third Samadhi the Yellow Team has received in E3, an Endurance record.
    • Also, it was the second time it was given by Gray. It was also the reverse of what happened in the previous Endurance Mission
  • First time where the teams can create their own game.

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