Create Your Own Game
Season 4, Episode 12
Aired February 25, 2006
Mission Create Your Own Game
Pyramid piece Ingenuity
Winner Purple Team
Samadhi Green Team
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Create Your Own Game (E4)” is the 12th episode of Endurance: Tehachapi.


It's the last Endurance Mission, and the competition is turned upside down when the players get to create their own rules! Can they come up with a game that is equal for everyone, or will one team be able to spin the competition in their favor?


JD arrives at the cabin and calls out the three teams. Green and Red are tied with four pieces each, while Purple only has one piece. Blue left behind their two pieces and a note that Jeszie reads. Shea said that it was great getting to know everyone. Amelia writes that they will be leaving their two pieces to Green which puts them into the lead with six pieces. JD then tells them that all three teams have to work together to create the game that has rules and scoring that they all agree on. The piece that is up for grabs is Ingenuity and of course, the dreaded Samadhi. Jonathan doesn't want to do anything crazy, but Isaac does. Jeszie suggests an obstacle course so everyone can do multiple things that would play up to each others strengths. All of them are throwing out ideas and brainstorming.

Sometime later, the teams have a game, and Daniela tells JD the rules. The team members have their inner legs tied together by the ankle. They have to take on ball and throw it at a set of five boxes that are stacked on a drum can. All five balls have to be knocked down at the same time. If they aren't, they have to be restacked before the next throw. When the boxes are knocked down, they go to the next section where they have to hold three boxes length-wise together as they walk through an obstabcle course of ropes. At the end is a cylinder with a stripe around the center. The boxes then have to be stacked on the cylinder, and the team has to walk back through all the obstacles balancing the three boxes on the cylinder. They are only able to hold the cylinder below the center stripe. If the boxes fall, they have to stop and restack them. The first to get to the team colored triangle at the start of the course wins. JD informs them all that every Samadhi competition has been won by the Green team, and that every team except for Red that got the Samadhi has been sent home. The teams line up and start. Daniela throws first for Purple and knocks down the stack. Red and Green have to restack. Purple starts out through the obstacle course. Red and Green knock down their pieces, and Red and Green are after them. Red is running and is almost tied with Purple. It is now a race of a balancing act. Red and Purple are going back and forth with walking and spilling their pieces. Red was almost able to take the lead when they drop the boxes. Green almost caught up but had a spill. Then everyone spills. Red team took the lead, but had a spill. Purple takes the lead, Red spills again, and Purple makes it to the end to win. This is the first time that someone other than Green has the Samadhi, and Purple also has two pieces. Franke goes over to congratulate Purple by saying "well, well, well, look who's on a hot streak." Daniela reminds everyone that they need pieces.

Back at the cabins, Daniela is happy to have a piece. Jonathan thought they were going to win as soon as Daniela knocked the boxes down on the first try, but the other teams caught up so it was close. Isaac admits that he and Jeszie weren't communicating together as a team in this competition, and that was their downfall. Erika said that Red was slowing catching up with Purple, and Daniela admits that Red and Purple were going back and forth.

Jonathan is really excited that they won, and admits that it is going to be a tough decision on whether to give it to Red or Green. In the boys' cabin, Jonathan, Isaac, and Franke are talking about the Samadhi. Jonathan says that he doesn't know who to give it to. Jonathan thinks that the friendship with Isaac was great, and made being there so much fun. It is what kept both of them in the game because it was either Green or Purple who won all the missions except for the one won by Red. They weren't in danger because they won. Isaac tells Jonathan that he understands if he gets the Samadhi and he won't be mad. Jonathan said that he doesn't want Isaac to hate him. Isaac tells Jonathan that he would give it to Purple if Green won because Purple, at that point, is stronger than Red. As Isaac tells Franke, no offense, but Red only won one mission, Franke acknowledges that sadly. Besides, as Isaac said, it's not that Jonathan can save him because whoever doesn't win automatically goes to Temple.

Back in the girls' cabin, Jeszie and Erika are chatting. Jeszie tells Erika she has nothing to worry about. She hopes that the Samadhi is nothing awful like the one that Red got because Green would like to be able to win with the Samadhi. Jeszie is thinking that it is obvious that Green will get it, unless Purple is dumb and stupid. Jeszie whispers to Erika that Purple still thinks they are in the "alliance" until the final two. Erika says that it would be stupid to give it to Red because then it is saying that Purple wants to go against the strongest team. Jeszie shushes Erika and shortly after that Daniela pops her head through the window. Erika thinks that it would be terrible for Purple to give the Samadhi to Red because if they want to win, they should give it to Green.

Later, Jonathan is sitting out on the obstacle course, and asks Daniela to come over to talk to him. As Franke and Isaac watch from a distance, Jonathan and Daniela discuss who should get the Samadhi. Daniela said that the Samadhi should go to Green because they are strong. Jonathan thinks Red is strong, but Daniela says Green is stronger. Daniela reminds everyone that since there are only three teams left it is every man for himself because if you don't win you are going to Temple, and there's nothing anyone else can do to save the other team. Jonathan doesn't think that the game is as important as the friendships that he made and he worries that giving the Samadhi to Green will affect their friendship. Daniela walks away and leaves Jonathan to think it over.

It is now time to meet on the Island. JD said that it has been fun to watch the teams compete , and asks Daniela as the biggest Endurance fan how it would feel to walk down the street and be recognized as the Endurance champ. She said that it would make her very happy and would feel awesome. Purple really needed to win today, and they did.

JD mentions that Jonathan and Isaac have been very tight throughout the competition. Daniela said that since it is down to three teams, alliances can't help. The smartest decision would be to target the strongest team. JD reminds Red that they have been up there two times already. Erika admits that they need to win because it would be the third time they go to Temple. JD says that no team in the history of Endurance has gone to Temple three times and come back. This could be the first time though. Isaac said that he is not nervous about the Samadhi because it is down to the final three and there's no foul in giving it to the strongest team. JD said that the Samadhi could be a guarantee that one team will go to Temple. Jonathan said that the decision is on the strongest team and whoever he gives it to, they will all still be friends. Jonathan gives it to Green. Jonathan puts the Samadhi on the ground and Jeszie and Isaac leap and fight over getting the Samadhi. JD comments that Green team seems to be in a good mood for someone with the Samadhi who may go to the Temple, and Isaac said that the only way to possibly win would be to remain in a good mood. Isaac said that if they believe they can do it, they can win anything.

Inside the Samadhi is two 10 pound pieces, which will be applied in the next (and final) Temple Mission the next day.

Game PlayEdit


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Jonathan & Daniela PerserveranceIngenuity
Perseverance & Ingenuity
Franke & Erika HeartDisciplineTrustKnowledge
Heart, Discipline, Trust & Knowledge
Isaac & Jeszie LeadershipTeamworkLuckStrengthCourageCommitment
Leadership, Teamwork, Luck, Strength, Courage & Commitment


The game the contestants created is in the form of an obstacle course. Tied to the ankles, they first have to throw a ball at 5 blocks. If they miss, they have to restack the blocks and try again until they hit all 5 of them simultaneously.

After that, the teammates have to carry three blocks to the other side, where there is a cylinder. They have to stack the blocks on top, then hold on to it. The catch is that they can only hold below the stripe, and they have to carry it. The first team to finish it wins.

Production NotesEdit


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  • This episode marks a reversal of what has happened all season: while the Green Team gave out the Samadhis in every Endurance Mission involving one this season, they received the final one, ironically by their allies on the Purple Team.
  • First and only Endurance Mission the Purple Team has won this season, and only one involving a Samadhi where a team other than Green wins.
  • First time since Blocked where the Red Team does not receive the Samadhi.

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