Season 4, Episode 10
Cubed green team
Aired February 11, 2006
Mission Cubed
Winner Purple Team
Eliminated Blue Team
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"It's an agonizing minute, sir."
Franke Sisto to J.D. Roth during the challenge


It's another elimination day, and the four remaining teams will face a challenge like no other. But the biggest surprise will come once the game is over. Then fate will decide which team will go home and which three will become the final three.


The episode begins with the contestants thinking about the upcoming Temple Mission. Jonathan thinks it's important to win because if they don't, they could be sent to Temple. Daniela hopes (and thinks) it could be a puzzle, but Erika thinks it's a race. However, she doesn't want to be messed up physically because of Franke.

The contestants then go to the challenge, where J.D observes how all the contestants were in a much better mood than they were in the previous evening. He singles out Jeszie, who he mentions that she wasn't the type to become emotional in front of a group of people.

He then resumes to the competiton, where he mentions that everyone has become more competitive, and this mission was important, because the winner would guarentee themselves a spot in the final three. J.D. goes on to informing them about the mission, where they have to assemble a cube out of 6 pieces. Since Red got the Samadhi, they have to wait a minute to start. The mission starts, and everyone seems to be on the same level, until Purple finishes it in less than a minute, surprising everyone, especially Red, who didn't get the chance to enter the game.

After the mission, the other contestants were still shocked on how Purple was able to finish the mission so fast, while Franke mourns over his defeat. Jonathan states that the game should take at least 3-5 minutes, but they were able to do it in 51 seconds. Amelia knew it wasn't going to be a minute when she first saw the mission, and says it wasn't good. Franke thought that the sixty-second handicap wasn't going to hurt them, but they weren't able to compete. Daniela mentions on how good it feels to make it to the final three. Jonathan cites he was initially happy when he won the mission, but mentions about the hard decision to send two teams to Temple. However, that how it was better than losing.

Meanwhile, at the cabins, Franke sadly realizes that he might be going to Temple that night. Shea mentions that at least Red has won something, because Blue hasn't won anything, save for the Superteam challenge. Franke and everyone else knows who will be sent up to Temple that night, but Jonathan still has to make up his mind.

Jonathan comfirms his decision to send Red and Blue to Temple to Daniela, but she disagrees and suggests Green should go up with Red, because they were the strongest team, and they've only been their friends. Jonathan, however, thinks it makes sense because they want Blue gone.

Sometime later, the teams gather, and J.D. comments that Purple has annihlated the competition that day by completing the challenge in 51 seconds. He points out they've been living in the Tehachapi Mountains for weeks, and points out some deer walking in the background. However, he mentions that in a moment of such beauty, powerful and important decisions must be made, then turns it over to Purple. Jonathan speaks about being close to everyone, and says that Green Team will not be going to Temple, thus Red and Blue are going.

Franke and Shea saw it coming, and Jonathan says that everyone had an awesome run. Meanwhile, Amelia was packing, and cites she will miss the friends the most if she leaves, and mentions some things that she has learned from them. Later that evening, the Red and Blue Teams go up to Temple, knowing that only one of them will come back and make it to the final three.

Once the two teams make it up to Temple, J.D. greets them, and says that they have made it very far in the game, and starts the game. In the first round, Blue picks fire while Red picks water, giving Red the first round. In the next round, however, the situation reverses, so the game is tied up. Before the final round, Franke and Shea wish the best of luck to each other. The elements are revealed: Red picks fire while Blue picks wood. Since fire burns the wood, Red will be returning to the cabins, and will make it to the final three. J.D. mentions that Blue was the first team, and it was because they spoke up. Franke takes off his hat for the fallen Blue Team, who became the 4th team to be eliminated.

The episode ends with Red victoriously returning from Temple, and everyone celebrating, especially Jeszie when she finds out that Erika has come back.

Game PlayEdit


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Jonathan & Daniela Perserverance
Franke & Erika HeartDisciplineTrustKnowledge
Heart, Discipline, Trust & Knowledge
Isaac & Jeszie LeadershipTeamworkLuckStrength
Leadership, Teamwork, Luck & Strength
To be handed out next episode by the eliminated team: Courage, Commitment


In Cubed, the first brain game of E4, the teams have six puzzle pieces. The first one to assemble them into a cube wins.

Production NotesEdit


  • Daniela: "Today's mission's a puzzle!"
  • Franke: "It's an agonizing minute, sir."
  • Daniela (confessional) : "All the pieces fit in one second we got it, in 51 seconds. It was so awesome, so good, we're in the final three, it's so awesome."
  • Shea: "That was quick."
  • Jonathan: "First thing I thought when I won, I was happy. I was just relieved that I wasn't going to Temple. But then again, you have to send two of your good friends to Temple, and that's tough, but it's better than losing."
  • Franke: "What did I tell you? I told you that you and Daniela would make a good team. I told you guys have devastated and now you have the key. You guys have devastated and took control of the game...and my fate."
  • Franke: "So, I'll just say congraulations, if you want to send us, fine, remember me as I am now. Filled with anger and rage."
  • Shea: "I feel like I've came here, and didn't do as much as the other people. I mean, we tried our hardest, don't get me wrong, we just didn't win anything, which I'm sad about. If I go home, I'll be a little bit disappointed, but I made it to the final four without winning anything, so it's an accomplishment on its own."
  • Franke: "Dude, we all know who it is."
    • Jonathan: "Well, I guess you guys know except for me."
  • Franke: "Why couldn't everything go according to plan? Why?"
    • Jonathan: "Well, it's been going according to plan."
    • Franke: "For you!"
  • Daniela: "First Temple Mission, we won. Second Temple Mission, superteams, we won. Third Temple Mission, we were automatically in the Temple, so it's not like [Green Team] helped us in any way; they've just been our friends."
  • Jonathan: "It doesn't matter, [Blue] could've won this!"
  • J.D: "It's so sad that in a moment of such peace, such beauty, that such difficult, and powerful decisions must be made."
  • J.D.: "Everyone knows who've you been aligned with for an awfully long time, and who your best friend is, but when it comes down to it, it's game time."
  • Franke: "I had a good run; if I go home, I go home."
    • Jonathan: "You had an awesome run; everyone here has."
    • Isaac: "Yeah."
    • Shea: "Even if you haven't won anything."
  • Isaac: "The Green Team is the only one who hasn't been sent to Temple yet."
    • Franke: "If I come back, I'll see to that boy!"
  • Amelia: "If we leave today, the thing that I will miss most is the friends. I've learned from Erika to always keep a smile on your face no matter what; from Daniela, just to be nice to everybody, even if they're mean to you, and to keep being nice to them, and from Jeszie, to speak you mind, and just be outgoing."
  • Franke: "The feeling's mutual, buddy."
  • Jeszie: "Think of me all the way up there!"
  • Franke: "If I'm not back in two hours, I have been eliminated."
  • Erika: "I think that Red Team has seen a lot of challenges that we have to work through, and this is just going to be another one, and hopefully, our luck hasn't run out."


  • Fastest time to finish a mission: 51 seconds.
    • Only time where a Samadhi (other than one explicitly telling a team they cannot play) leaves a team out of a challenge.
    • The producers thought the game would take between 5-10 minutes, while the contestants thought it would take 3-5 minutes.
  • With the exception of who won at Temple, the results were similar to Fill 'Er Up, which also happened at around the same point in the season.
  • With Blue Team's elimination, all the members of the final three have won at least one non-Superteam mission.
  • Franke briefly foreshadows Circle of Trust, when he mentions that he'll see what happens to Green's run without going to Temple if he comes back.

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