Dakota Fisher
Full name

Dakota Fisher

Endurance: High Sierras, 2nd place

Eliot, Maine




Purple Team


Kelsey Schultz


Balance is the Key



Dakota is a big Jim Carrey fan and shares his hero's ability to make people laugh. But comedy is not all he does well — he plays soccer as well as lacrosse and claims he does his best work under pressure. This should serve him well on Endurance. Winning is everything to Dakota — even more important than making friends on the show. Dakota's a very talkative guy, but there's one sure way to make him shut up — show him spiders and other insects. He's deathly afraid of them. Hopefully, he won't encounter any during the competition!

— bio
Dakota Fisher (born May 10, 1990) is a former Endurance: High Sierras contestant and finalist. He competed alongside Kelsey Schultz as the Purple Team .


Dakota was one of the contestants that made it throught the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, he wanted to be partners with Kelsey, but Taylor also wanted him. He ended up winning the power to select the first team, in which he selected Cameron and Aeriel. In return, they paired him up with Kelsey. They ended up becoming the Purple Team in Unwind.

Afterward, they received the Triangle of Immunity, and started to be considered as the strongest team. In Hot Potato, Dakota plotted that Taylor gives the power to switch 2 teams to Cameron, and they switch the Blue and Gray Teams. He managed to make the plan through. In their alliance, they were strong, as they successfully eliminated Gray and Yellow from the game, but had a hard time to eliminate Blue. Because of his strong leadership of the PROG alliance, Purple was able to take their team, along with Green, to the final two.


Dakota was portrayed as a strategist, and would do anything to win even with dirty tricks. In some cases, however, he lies in order to work out his plans.


  • "Ike is digging himself the biggest hole I've ever seen."
  • "Yellow and Blue know that's our plan to get rid of them."
  • "Let's pull names out of a hat!"
  • "We're in a cabin!"


  • Dakota's relationship with Cealey is one of the most high-profile Endurance relationships.


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