Darci Miller
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Full name

Darci Loryn Miller


February 21, 1991



Endurance: High Sierras, 7th place

Baldwin, New York




Gray Team


Connor Finnegan
— (Unwind - Move it Along) Isaac Moody
— (Move it Along - Walk the Plank)


Balance is the Key


Walk the Plank

Darci is proud of her academic record at school — she has gotten straight “A's” for the past three years! But she does more than just exercise her brain. She likes to keep in shape by exercising to a workout video each day, in addition to shooting hoops in her backyard and playing soccer. Darci avoids any kind of drama, and considers herself to be a peacemaker among her friends, cracking jokes to lighten otherwise tense moments. This will be a good skill to bring to Endurance.

— bio
Darci Loryn Miller (born February 21, 1991) is a former contestant on Endurance: High Sierras. She intially competed on the Gray Team with Connor Finnegan; after the team switch, she was partnered with Isaac Moody.



At the beginning of her time on Endurance, Darci was voted by the girls to receive the free pass that allowed her to skip the Right to Stay. Returning the favor, she chose Kelsey to skip the Right to Stay with her, because she placed 2nd in the vote.

In the partner selection, she was one of the first contestants to fall. She was selected to be with Connor by Max and Kristine; afterward, they picked the two final teams. They seemed to get along with each other well, and started thinking about their gameplan as soon as the mission was over. In the challenge afterward, they barely made it to the Gray platform, making them the 7th and final team on Endurance.

In Hot Potato, Gray did average, and weren't involved in the partner selection at first. The Purple Team planned to switch them with Blue, because Dakota points out that "those were the two teams they wanted gone". After a lot of drama, the plan actually occured, partnering her with Isaac. They were targeted by the rest of the group, and Darci said she felt like an outsider because everyone was together and Gray was not. They ended up losing the mission that day, and the Blue Team, their former teammates, gave them the Samadhi.

Despite their best attempts, they lost in Walk the Plank, and were eventually sent up to Temple, where they lost after Yellow Team used her strategy against her. Before she left, Darci gave Lilly a Gray bandana.

Portrayal & RelationshipsEdit

Darci was depicted as a person who stays away from the drama, and strategic. She wanted to play the game in a way in which their team would be safe, and won't hurt anybody's feelings. One of her strategies was to choose the same element every round at the Temple of Fate, which turned against her when Connor, her former teammate, gave it away to the Yellow Team.


  • "Karma." (in the preview for Walk the Plank)
  • "I feel like an outsider because everyone is together, and Gray's not."
  • "We really have to win this. Gray is a really huge target, and if we don't, we're most likely to get the Samadhi."
  • "Take this as motivation; you will do amazing in the Right to Stay." (to Kelsey)

Post EnduranceEdit

Darci attended the University of Miami, and she currently works at the United States Olympic Committee.


  • Along with Taylor, Connor, and Isaac, only contestants to have two partners.


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