The Demian-Nicole Conflict is a conflict on Endurance 3: Hawaii. It's between the two members of the Orange Team: Nicole Clark and Demian Martinez.


In Pick Your Partner, Demian caught the #1 ball, while Nicole caught the #8 ball. Nicole, having a higher numbered ball, chose to stand in the Orange circle. She was later joined by Kareem, who had he #14 ball, who was bumped by Antonio from the Blue circle. Later, when it was Demian's turn to choose a team, he bumps Kareem out of the Orange circle, making Nicole his partner and thus, becoming the Orange Team.

While in the first few episodes, they are not shown to have any animosity towards one another, it eventually escalated; when Orange was sent up to Temple in Bagging on You, Demian believed it was because of his partner, and started having regrets about it.


Out on a LimbEdit

In Green's letter to the rest of the group, they told Demian he should have more control over decisions Nicole makes, which Nicole disagrees with. Meanwhile, Bryanah notes how Demian and Nicole weren't on the same page, because Nicole would make harsh decisions and Demian would follow them through, because he was a nice kid.

After the challenge, Nicole planned to get close with the Yellow Team so they could be on the same superteam. On the other hand, Demian told Monroe to choose Gray and Purple for his superteam, noting how Orange wasn't a really strong team and Nicole didn't like Bryanah. He starts believing Nicole was mean, because she yelled at him a lot, and he just doesn't listen to her.

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