Drop Out (E4)
Season 4, Episode 5
Aired November 26, 2005
Mission Drop Out
Pyramid piece Discipline
Winner Red Team
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"Shut up! I'm perfectly fine surfing over here!"
Erika Cook

Drop Out is the 5th episode of Endurance: Tehachapi.


The first team has been eliminated, and the game is on! Now the six remaining teams must compete in a grueling Endurance Mission that could split alliances and give one team the power to change their fate.


The episode begins with all the contestants meeting up with J.D., who tells them of Gray's elimination. Amelia read the letter that the Gray team left behind, which tells the Blue team to keep going and to win at all costs.

After Amelia reads the letter aloud, JD informs the kids of a special twist. Today's mission will be for something bigger then the Samadhi. The kids look at each other nervously, but don't find out what they're competing for until later.

Now with two pieces and back from Temple, the Blue Team appeared to be an even larger threat. Shea claims that Green and Yellow have their backs; however, Callie believed everyone will target on Blue, because they are officially the outsider team.

When the teams meet up for the Endurance Mission, J.D. notes the 100 degree weather. He then tells them of the mission: they have to hang on to a bar, with their feet on one side, their hands on the other. The last person standing wins the Discipline piece for their team, and gets to pick the Superteams for the next day's mission.

The game begins. Franke believes he will be the first to fall off. People occasionally stretch. Michael is the first person to fall off, followed by Daniela. At the three-minute mark, people start complaining, while Kylie falls, eliminating the Orange Team. Jeszie then falls. Afterward, Amelia falls. People start screaming out in pain, while Franke and Erika's arms shake. Shea falls, eliminating the Blue Team. A little over the eight-minute mark, Callie falls, making Erika the last girl standing. One minute later, Franke falls. Everyone agonizes, and they want to win. However, Isaac falls, eliminating the Green Team, much to Jeszie's anger.

It's down to Chris from the Yellow Team, Jonathan from the Purple Team, and Erika from the Red Team. Erika talks to herself, imagining herself surfing. Soon enough, everybody notices. Meanwhile, Chris mutters that he wants a mission, while Jonathan wants a piece.

At the twenty-eight minute mark, Jonathan falls, eliminating the Purple Team. This leaves Erika from the Red Team and Chris from the Yellow Team. Chris falls, giving Erika, and the Red Team the win. Not only do they get the Discipline piece, but also the power to choose the superteams. Franke goes into the water and celebrates with her.

Chris begins to break down, and his tantrum only grows worse when his friends try to calm him down.

Meanwhile, the red team is having alot of trouble deciding how to split the teams up. In the end, they finally decide to put themselves with Yellow and Green. Purple, Orange and Blue are left, and placed onto the opposing superteam.

Game PlayEdit


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Jonathan & Daniela Perserverance
Chris & Callie Trust
Franke & Erika HeartDiscipline
Heart & Discipline
Isaac & Jeszie LeadershipTeamwork
Leadership & Teamwork
Shea & Amelia CourageCommitment
Courage & Commitment
Michael & Kylie Knowledge


​Each team has to hold onto a bar over the water with their hands and feet, and the last person standing earns the Discipline piece for the team, as well as the power to divide the camp.

Production NotesEdit

Quotes Edit

  • Erika: "I'm going surfing, because surfing is so fun." (to herself)
    • Jonathan: "You're not surfing; you're hanging on to a pole!"
    • Erika: "Shut up! I'm perfectly fine surfing over here!"
  • Chris: "I want a mission."
    • Jonathan: "You won the partner mission. I want a piece!"
  • Erika: "I like to eat fish, but I like surfing better." (to herself)
  • Erika: "I'm surfing in Hawaii, but I want to go surfing in Indonesia." (to herself)
  • Erika: "I have a red surfboard."
    • Jeszie: "What other colors do you have?"
    • Erika: "Green. But not Yellow or Purple, those are loser colors!"


  • Erika's mission win was one of the top ten moments from the first four seasons of Endurance.
  • This mission was #1 on the Top Ten Games list from the first four seasons.

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