Eleanor Monahan
Full name

Eleanor D. Monahan

Endurance 3: Hawaii, Eliminated

Hyde Park, Massachusetts




The Arrival



Eleanor Monahan is a former contestant on Endurance: Hawaii. She was eliminated in the Right to Stay Challenge.

She's on the best swim team in Boston and plays softball in her spare time, but who would guess that this jock is also a graceful ballet dancer? Describing herself as "not invisible, but not obnoxious," she aims to compete and as a lifetime Red Sox fan, she knows the meaning of Endurance.

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In the Casting Special, Eleanor's first audition tape was that of a "Crocodile Hunter" parody, in which she hunts for cats. The casting crew thought of her as funny and put her in the final 40. In the second round of casting, she played the Temple of Fate game with her cat, winning two of three rounds. This prompted J.D. Roth to come and visit her, playing the same game with her. While she won the first round, J.D. won the second; the third round would determine whether she would compete on the show. She wins, and become a part of the cast.

Once on the island, she was the first girl to be eliminated in the Right to Stay. /however, like the other five eliminees, she got a second chance through the mission Headstrong. She was the first out of the contest again, and was eliminated for good when Tom, the eventual winner, picked Vanetta over her.


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