Endurance 2
Air Dates 9/27/2003 - 2/28/2004
Filming Dates June 30—July 21, 2003
# of Episodes 13
Winner Brown Team

Max DeLeo
Jenna Jimenez

Season Chronology
MB  •  E1  •  E2  •  E3  •  E4  •  E5  •  E6
Endurance 2 is the second season of Endurance, taking place in Baja, Mexico. While some of the concepts of the game remain the same, there are new surprises in store for the twenty new contestants. The season featured all new challenges.


Endurance was renewed for a second season that began filming in the summer of 2003. Endurance 2 was taped in Baja California, near the resort town of La Paz, Mexico. Twenty new contestants, ages 12 - 15, were chosen. One contestant, 14-year old Tyler Burkhalter, competed despite having diabetes requiring daily insulin treatments.


The location for the second season of Endurance definitely tested the abilities of contestants to adapt to new surroundings. The dry, barren landscape of Baja, Mexico is home to rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas and other poisonous critters. While filming in Baja, temperatures got as high as 128 degrees! So, not only did contestants have to deal with physical and mental exhaustion, they also needed to be constantly aware of dehydration.


The biggest twist of the season was the Brown Team, made up of two returning contestants from season one. Max and Jenna won a vote held during the Endurance reunion, and earned the right to compete again. Two new pyramid pieces have been added; Teamwork and Ingenuity. There is also an additional elimination because of the new team.


Picture Information Team


Picture Information

Wayne Williams

15, Bloomfield, NJ

Gray 8th

Maryelle DeVitto

14, Winter Park, FL


Phil Morelli

14, Denver, CO

Red 7th

Jacquelynn Pointer

13, Silver Springs, MD


Scooter Magruder

14, Orlando, FL

Blue 6th

Christa Scholtz

13, Austin, TX


Shep Allen

14, Wayzata, MN

Yellow 5th

Calley Payne

15, Elberton, GA


Jeff Phillips

15, Sanger, CA

Purple 4th

Annie Kim

15, Bethesda, MD


Tyler Burkhalter

14, Jacksonville, FL

Orange 3rd

Michelle Durand

14, Linden, NJ


Mike Lavigne

15, Shelton, CT

Green 2nd

Keetin Marchi

14, Fairfax, VA


Max DeLeo

15, Los Angeles, CA

Brown 1st

Jenna Jimenez

15, Rogers Park, IL

Right to Stay Eliminations
Picture Information Picture Information

David Cofresi

14, Clermont, FL


Abbey Konz

14, Humble, TX


Glen Powell

14, Austin, TX


Sarah Ruckreigle

14, Breckenridge, CO


Trey Griffin

14, Sebring, FL


Simone Bouffard

15, Antioch, CA

Episode ListEdit

Season # Series # Episode Title Original Airdate Production Code
1 17 "Drop-Out" September 27, 2003 201
2 18 "Wash Out" October 4, 2003 202
3 19 "Tower of Power" October 11, 2003 203
4 20 "Fireball" October 18, 2003 204
5 21 "Rollerball" October 25, 2003 205
6 22 "Tide Pull" November 1, 2003 206
Recap 23 "Halftime" November 8, 2003 207
8 24 "On The Ropes" January 3, 2004 208
9 25 "Face to Face" January 10, 2004 209
10 26 "Cherry Picker" January 17, 2004 210
11 27 "Aqueduct" January 24, 2004 211
12 28 "Plank Maze" January 31, 2004 212
13 29 "Pathfinder" February 7, 2004 213
Recap 30 "The Home Stretch" February 14, 2004 214
15 31 "Final Mission" February 21, 2004 215
16 32 "The Finale" February 28, 2004 216
Special 70 "Best of Endurance 2" March 11, 2006 217

Pyramid Piece HistoryEdit

Elimination TableEdit

Colors significance Edit

     (FIRST) This team won the final Endurance Mission and became Endurance Champs.
     (SECOND) This lost the final Endurance Mission and became the runners-up.
     (WIN) This team won the Endurance Mission.
     (WIN) This team won the Temple Mission.
     (SAMDHI) This team was handicaped with the Samadhi.
     (SAFE) This team didn't win the challenge, but didn't go to temple or received the Samdhi.
     (TEMPLE) This team won at the Temple of Fate and avoided elimination.
     (OUT) This team lost at the Temple of Fate and was eliminated.


  • Only time where a team from the previous season comes back.
  • One of two seasons where there were eight teams (the other being the next season).
  • Introduction of the Brown Team.
  • Second consecutive season where the Gray Team was the first team to be eliminated.
  • Two more pieces were added: Teamwork and Ingenuity, putting the piece value to twelve.
  • First season where the Blue and Yellow teams were eliminated.
    • The final three from the previous season (Red, Yellow and Blue) ended up being eliminated before the final four.
      • Incidentially, they were eliminated consecutively.
  • Most pieces on the line in the final mission: eight (tied with Endurance: High Sierras)
  • First season where every team has gone up to the Temple of Fate at least once before the finale.
  • First season where a Temple Mission occurs before an Endurance Mission as the first mission.
  • First season where no team overcomes the Samadhi.
  • First season where the Purple and Brown Teams survived the Temple of Fate.
    • Additionally, they achieved this in consecutive Temple Missions.
  • Only season where a team had one piece until the final mission.
  • Brown, Purple, and Orange won their first missions this season.
    • With the exception of Brown, both colors were eliminated before the final three on E1.
    • First time where these colors make it to the final four or higher.
    • By the end of this season, the Gray Team remained the only team to never have won a mission.
  • One of two seasons that take place outside the United States.
  • Only season where the Temple of Fate is on water.
    • As a result, only season where the teams were not shown behind the fire when they were eliminated.
  • First season where there are two consecutive Temple Missions.
  • Only season where the pieces accumalated in the final mission are split evenly among the teams.
  • Longest final Temple: it took eight rounds for the Brown Team to win Endurance 2.
  • Only season where nobody chooses the teams in any way.
  • Two events: the Annie-Calley conflict and Max and Jenna's rearrival, made the top ten moments from the first four seasons.
  • Only season where there's a recap documenting the second half of the season before the finale.
  • First time where an eliminated team's pieces can be given away, along with a note.
  • Last season where the Samadhi was thrown out of the game.


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