An Endurance Champion is a person who has been on a team that has won Endurance. In order to do so, they must have won all the pyramid pieces and make it to the end.

Endurance ChampionsEdit

Since six seasons of Endurance have been produced, six teams won the title of Endurace Champions.

  • The Blue Team for Endurance, Aaron and Jonna, were the origional champions and dominated the first season of Endurance. It was also through their alliance they were able to avoid the Temple of Fate, benefiting their journey to the finale
  • The Brown team (formerly the Gray team from Endurance 1) Max and Jenna, won Endurance 2. They won by making friends/alliances and winning many missions, thus becoming one of the strongest teams that season.
  • They are the only team to compete in two seasons.
  • The Gray Team from Endurance Hawaii, Chris and Lindi were the winners of Endurance 3. They won through power and friendship/Alliances. They were considered the leaders of the P-R-O-G alliance of the season. They were the only Gray team to make it past the first elimination.

The Red team of Endurance Tehachapi Franke and Erika were the first and only red team to win the rights to being called Endurance Champions. Erika is considered the strongest girl to ever compete on Endurance. Due to her and Franke's team work they were able to win this season.

The Green Team of Endurance High Sierras Alex and Cealey were the first Green team to win an Endurance Season. They were mainly carried throughout the season by their stronger allies the Purple team. At the end of the season though they showed what they were all about by winning some missions and ultimatly the whole Season.

The Blue team of Endurance Fiji Ben and Jordyn were considered the under-dogs. Most teams didn't see them as a threat but they ended up walking away from Endurance as champions. They were the second Blue team to win Endurance.


  • The average team that becomes Endurance Champions would have teammates with an age average of 14.417 years old, (with the average boy being about 14.833 years old and the average girl, 14), win 3 missions over the course of the season (excluding Super Teams), accumulate about 4 pieces over the course of the season, went up to Temple once or twice over the course of the season, and have 7 pieces going up to final Temple. It would also take about 6 rounds in the final game to become Endurance Champions.
    • Based on the information, the closest team to this average was E4 Red.
      • Franke was 15.
      • They got 4 pieces before the finale.
      • They went up to the Temple of Fate twice in the season: in Super Stumped and Cubed.
      • They had 7 pieces going up to Temple.

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