"They can't get rid of us."
Connor after breaking the Three Temple Curse

Fill 'er Up
Season 5, Episode 12
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Mission Fill 'er Up
Winner Purple Team
Eliminated Red Team
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Fill 'er Up” is the 12th episode of Endurance: High Sierras.


The teams compete in their next Temple mission, with Purple handicapped by the Samadhi. Another team is sent home at the Temple, leaving just three teams.


There’s no time wasted this morning in the High Sierras, as the episode opens with the final four remaining teams arriving at the forest clearing to compete in the day’s Temple mission! With so few teams left, winning the mission has never been so important to everyone’s main goal of becoming the next Endurance champion! Cameron and Aeriel of Red have already dubiously earned an automatic bid to Temple, unless they win today’s mission outright. The pair came in last place in the previous day’s Endurance mission. Dakota and Kelsey of Purple are playing at a disadvantage as well; they have been handicapped with the Samadhi, courtesy of the Blue team.

JD explains the rules of the game, “Fill ’er Up.” Each team will have to fill a clear tube with water, which they must gather from containers across the clearing. Each clear tube has a team’s color floatation device inside. The first team to force the floating device to fall out of the tube, due to the tube’s full capacity, wins. But there is a catch: the only tool the teams have to transport the water is another tube-like pipe that is completely opened on each end! By being in possession of the Samadhi, the Purple team will be forced to travel an extra 5 feet to get to and from their tube.

On JD’s mark, the teams are off. Purple takes an early lead, while Green, Blue and Red have no luck bringing back any water. All the teams experiment with different ways to carry water in their pipes, but Dakota seemingly masters an effective technique early on and practically plays the mission by himself! Dakota’s large hands are able to cover the entire hole on one end of his pipe, so without much competition from the other teams, and despite the Samadhi, the Purple team is easily the first one to make their float rise out of the tube and fall onto the ground. They win by a landslide!

With Dakota and Kelsey winning, there is seemingly no question in Taylor’s and Connor’s minds that Blue will be sent to Temple for the third consecutive time to vie against the Red team. Connor and Taylor are already prepared mentally to return to Temple — however, the Blue team is nervous, because they know that no team has ever gone to the Temple of Fate three times and has successfully come back all three times.

Later on, at the Temple, the rookie Red team and the battle-testing Blue team meet up with JD. Getting off to a quick start, Red wins the first round by picking wood over Blue’s water. But in the second round, Blue ties up the game when they pick water again, putting out Red’s fire. And in the third and final round, Blue picks fire while Red picks wood. The Blue team wins, and Connor and Taylor make Endurance history! They are the first team to survive Temple three times! Not only have they achieved an Endurance first, they still have the lead in the game with six pieces!

Once Blue returns to the camp, Purple and Green are in complete shock; they both expected Red to return. The welcome isn’t as friendly as it had been in the past, but nonetheless, Blue is back!

Game PlayEdit


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Alex & Cealey Commitment
Connor & Taylor PerserveranceLeadershipDisciplineLuckTrust
Perseverance, Leadership, Discipline, Luck & Trust
Dakota & Kelsey TeamworkFriendshipHeart
Teamwork, Friendship1 & Heart


^1 The Friendship piece holds the Triangle of Immunity.

To be given away by the eliminated team: Knowledge, Strength


Insert mission info here.

Production NotesEdit


  • Connor: "No team has gone up to Temple three times and come back, so it's really important for us to win this mission."
  • Kelsey (at the Temple Selection): "Blue."
    • Dakota: "Blue."
    • J.D.: "Blue...seems like a recurring theme."
  • Cameron: "If the Red Team survives the Temple tonight, everyone is going to crazy back at the treehouses, and we're just going to have a big giant party tonight."
  • J.D.: "This is your third trip to Temple, and, I might add, in the five-year history of Endurance, no team has gone up to Temple three times and came back."
    • Taylor: "'Til now."
    • Connor: "First time for everything."
  • J.D: "Undefeated, and I might add, unstoppable. Six pieces, the lead, no matter how many times they send you up, what happens?"
    • Connor: "They can't get rid of us."


  • This episode marks the breaking of the Three Temple Curse.
  • After this episode, the Triangle of Immunity converted back to a regular Friendship piece, because after this episode, there were three teams left.
  • With the exception of who survived Temple, the results were similar to what happened in Cubed from E4.
    • If the Red Team came back, then the final three on E5 would be similar to that of E4.

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