Fill and Spill
Season 5, Episode 7
Aired January 20, 2007
Mission Fill and Spill
Pyramid piece Heart
Winner Purple Team
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Fill and Spill is the seventh episode of Endurance: High Sierras.


The six remaining teams compete in an Endurance mission, with the Heart piece and the ability to pick the super teams for the next Temple mission on the line.


This morning begins bright and early in the High Sierras, as JD meets up with the remaining Endurance contestants. The day before, the first team, Gray, was eliminated at the Temple of Fate. Although now out of the game, Darci and Ike still had one last chance to affect the final outcome of Endurance 5, as they had to leave their pyramid piece to one of the remaining six teams. In their departing letter, before revealing which team they’ve left their piece to, they first call out their former partners on the Blue team, saying they hope “Taylor trades in her tickets to Hawaii for a ticket to the Temple of Fate!” After the barb, Gray’s letter awards their “Luck” pyramid piece to their competitors at the previous night’s Temple, the Yellow team (Lilly and Aric). Yellow and Purple (Kelsey and Dakota) are now tied for second place in the game with two pieces each, trailing the Blue team’s three pieces.

Before JD dismisses the group, he cunningly reveals his next twist — the winner of today’s Endurance mission will not win the right to grant another team the Samadhi! But today’s winning team will be given a powerful advantage that will affect how the game is played from this point on. And with that, JD allows the teams to get mentally prepared to play the day’s mission.

Back at the treehouses, the group admits they may have been too harsh in their targeting of the Gray team. Connor and Max both express regret that they just went along with the group mentality that Gray should go home first. Aeriel also says she feels bad and in the future wants to play the game according to strategy, and not according to who’s her best friend.

Later that afternoon, the teams arrive at the lake for their next Endurance mission. JD reveals the secret advantage he claimed the winners of the day’s mission would receive: the opportunity to split the group into two six-person superteams of their choice! In the day’s challenge, “Fill and Spill,” one team’s player must hold onto a bar that is attached to a bucket the other players can fill with water. As the buckets get heavier, its weight propels the player into the air, making it harder and harder to hold the bar.

JD begins the game and immediately the other teams go after Yellow, causing Lilly (the only girl team member to hold onto the bar) to be the first to drop. Shortly after, Connor drops, eliminating the Blue team. Alex drops next, causing the Green team’s expulsion from the game, and then Red is out, when Cameron drops as well. As Max from Orange and Dakota from Purple are the final two contestants hanging on for dear life, the pair make a deal to end the game — in exchange for allowing Dakota to win the game, Max asks him to ”do good with me.” Dakota agrees, and Max drops, giving the win, the Heart pyramid piece, and right to choose the superteams to Purple. Purple now has three pieces, Teamwork, Friendship and Heart, tying them with Blue. Yellow has two while Red, Orange and Green all have one.

Back at the camp, Max admits he forgot there was a pyramid piece involved and laments his decision to throw the game. Up in the crow’s nest, Purple, Green, Orange and Red discuss who to put on the superteams. They decide they want Blue and Yellow to go to the next Temple. That way, the one team of the alliance put with them will be in a “safe spot,” because they’ll be guaranteed not to go to Temple whether they win or lose the next day’s mission! Max argues that he and Kristine deserve that spot, because he threw the challenge for Purple. The Green team disagrees, saying that if Max wanted to have any power, he should’ve hung on and won the game. Alex says, “A real winner wins. He doesn’t throw the game.” Dakota admits that Purple faces a tough decision. Meanwhile, down below, the Blue and Yellow teams notice the group is having the superteam discussion without them and feel angry that the game seems to be turning into a popularity contest.

Later that night, JD joins the group and asks Dakota for his decision. Dakota and Kelsey admit they thought long and hard, but they’ve decided to put Green in the safe spot. Green, Blue and Yellow will comprise one superteam; the other will be composed of Purple, Orange and Red. JD then asks the group if they feel the game is becoming too much of popularity contest. Aric confirms that it is. When JD goes on to ask Aric how he can combat the popularity contest that prevails over the game, Aric replies that he just has to go out and win tomorrow’s mission.


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Cameron & Aeriel Knowledge
Max & Kristine Strength
Alex & Cealey Commitment
Connor & Taylor PerserveranceLeadershipDiscipline
Perseverance, Leadership & Discipline
Aric & Lilly TrustLuck
Trust & Luck
Dakota & Kelsey TeamworkFriendshipHeart
Teamwork, Friendship1 & Heart


^1 The Friendship piece holds the Triangle of Immunity.


In Fill & Spill, one team’s player must hold onto a bar that is attached to a bucket the other players can fill with water. As the buckets get heavier, its weight propels the player into the air, making it harder and harder to hold the bar.

Production NotesEdit


  • Dakota: "Yellow and Blue know's our plan to get rid of them."
  • Connor: "I kinda feel bad that we targeted Gray so much now."


  • Insert trivia

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