"We are moments away from going to the final Temple, and I'm realizing, by the second, you know, that much, how much I'm going to miss this place. There's no way I'm going to forget the friends I've made. You know, Franke, Isaac, Chris, Shea these kids...this is an experience I will never forget and changed my life."
Jonathan Lebowitz in a confessional before leaving

Season 4, Episode 14
Wood carving
Aired March 25, 2006
Winner Red Team
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Finale is the 14th and final episode of Endurance: Tehachapi.


After nearly a month in the Tehachapi Mountains, it all comes down to this; the final competition at the Temple of Fate. Before the night is over, one team will be crowned Endurance Champ and will win an amazing trip to Costa Rica!


The episode starts with the four remaining contestants meeting with JD near the lake. JD reminds them of telling them at the start that two of them were Endurance champs. JD says that for the Red team, their route to the finale was the number two. They won two missions, got two Samadhis and went to the Temple twice. JD says that the competitions that Red won were competitions that were won based on Erika's strength and winning the competition on her own with her strongest competition coming from Daniela in the final Temple mission.

JD said that Purple was the underdog and one of the smallest teams in size. Daniela admitted that at first she wanted Michael as a partner, but that now she is glad that she had Jonathan as a partner. The final four get their Endurance gift. This time it is a log that was taken from the cabin and it has Tehachapi carved on it with the colors of all the teams. This way, they can take a piece of the cabin with them. As JD said, it's not about how strong you are but about convincing yourself that you can do anything. The attributes from the 13 pieces are what you need to win the game and to get along in life. It is now time to hand out the little pyramid pieces that will be used in the final game. Purple has Leadership, Friendship, Strength, Commitment, Ingenuity, and Perseverance. Red has Courage, Teamwork, Luck, Knowledge, Trust, Discipline, and Heart. They have only a couple of hours before they leave the Tehachapi Mountains forever.

Franke and Erika are sitting on the tree swing together. Erika asks Franke what he is going to miss most. Franke said that he will miss the food, the people, and the swing. Franke admits that he is going to miss a ton of things and he just had so much fun there. Erika said that the lake and the scenery were just so beautiful and untouched. She said that she is going to miss that, and realizing that she will never be coming back makes her realize that she wants to find and visit other untouched places just as beautiful as this.

Jonathan asks Daniela if she is nervous for Temple. She says yes, but Jonathan says that he isn't. As he says, win or lose he had a great time and will never forget it. Daniela said that the best thing about being there was getting Jonathan as a partner. He always tried his best and she learned alot from him. Daniela said that she feels sad and is sure that she is going to cry win or lose because she has been there for so long and is going to miss everything. Jonathan said that he won't cry, but he will miss the place so much. Jonathan is saying that he can never forget the friends that he made and that it is an experience that he will never forget and it will change his life.

The four of them are leaving after being there for three weeks. Franke said that he is not nervous, but that he wants to do his best for Erika's sake because she really wants to win. Erika admits that she is really anxious and she doesn't know what will happen, but she wants it to be a good outcome. Jonathan said that they are usually the underdog just like tonight and hopes to win. Daniela said that she thinks it would be so cool for the others to see them if they win because no one thought that she and Jonathan would get this far.

At Temple, the game is that silver pyramids appear on the table. The goal is to figure out which silver pyramid has a gold pyramid underneath it. The team with the fewest pieces goes first and can put down as many pieces they want as long as they leave one space open for their opponent. The second team has to fill in all open spaces on the board after the first team lays out however many pieces they want. The team with all 13 pieces wins. The game starts with three pyramids on the table.

Purple goes first. They put two down on both ends. Red gets the middle. Purple has the gold pyramid. There are now four silver pyramids and Red gets to go first. Erika says to put two pieces done. They take the two middle pyramids. Red wins the pieces. Red now has eight pieces and Purple has five. There are now five silver pyramids. Purple puts down three pieces. Red wins and then now have 11 pieces and Purple is down to two. There are now six silver pyramids. Daniela says to put them both down. Daniela picks one spot and Jonathan picks the other. It is now down to Purple's Discipline piece.

Purple picks the gold pyramid. They now have six pieces again and Red is back to seven, going back to the totals at the beginning of the game. There are now seven silver pyramids and Purple team goes first. They put down four pieces. Red has to fill out the rest. Red gets the gold pyramid again and they have 11 pieces again. Purple is down to two. There are now eight silver pyramids on the table. Jonathan puts out the first piece and then Daniela puts out the second. Jonathan reminds her that it is just a guess--no one knows where it is. Red fills out the other six spots. Red has the gold pyramid, thus collecting all thirteen pyramid pieces and becoming Endurance Champions.

Production NotesEdit


  • J.D. "For the Red Team, it's really a history of the number 2. You guys won two missions, you got two Samadhis, and you went to Temple twice. And the two missions that were won, Erika, were really won on your strength, beating out all the guys, and maybe the biggest competition in the end, was the girl sitting on your right hand side."
  • Daniela: "No, it's not true. I wanted Michael, no, not anymore."
  • Jonathan: "In this game, you need to work with your partner, and if you don't get along with your partner, it's just not going to work. And we lost the first mission, last place, it was not good. But then, you know, we start getting along better and start doing better in the missions."
  • Jonathan: "So that's how you spell 'Tehachapi'!"
  • J.D: "It's not how strong you are, you guys have proven that. It's about convicing yourself that you can do anything. And that's what these attributes on all thirteen pieces really show. You need to all thirteen of them to win this game, because you need all thirteen of them in life."
  • Franke: "I'll miss the food, I'll miss the people. I'll miss the swing."
  • Erika: "The lake, the scenery, everything is so beautiful and like, untouched. And, so, I'm definitely going to miss that. And, realizing we're never coming back again, I think it puts a place in my heart that I want to go to more places like this, untouched, and just as beautiful as this."
  • Jonathan: "Win or lose, I've had a great time here. I'll never forget this."
  • Daniela: "I think the best thing that happened here, was getting Jonathan as a partner. I think that Jonathan has a lot of heart going into the game. He always tried his best, I learned a lot from him, and I think he's just a great partner."
  • Daniela: "...once I get there, tears just start falling, 'cause I just feel so amazed how this happened, and I was here for so long. So I'm definitely going to miss everything."
  • Jonathan (confessional): "We are moments away from going to the final Temple, and I'm realizing, by the second, you know, that much, how much I'm going to miss this place. There's no way I'm going to forget the friends I've made. You know, Franke, Isaac, Chris, Shea these kids...this is an experience I will never forget and changed my life."
  • Erika: "We practically spent a whole month here."
    • Franke: "Yeah, it's insane, isn't it?"
  • Daniela: "If we win, I'll be so happy. To think back, when all 20 contestants were here and J.D. saying, 'Two of you are Endurance Champions. We just got to find out which ones'. It's just really cool how you win, like, those two people were you."


  • First time the Red Team has won Endurance.
  • Incidentially, J.D, wore a green t-shirt in this episode and the previous episode, representing the fallen Green Team from Circle of Trust.

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