Fireball (E4)
Season 4, Episode 9
Aired January 28, 2006
Mission Fireball
Winner Green Team
Eliminated Orange Team
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Fireball is the 9th episode of Endurance: Tehachapi.


A favorite game returns for the teams as they compete in an all-important Temple Mission. Nobody wants to lose, but for one team, it's do-or-die; unless they win this one, they'll automatically be headed to the Temple of Fate.


Jonathan said that this Temple Mission is going to be one of the most difficult for him because it is one that he has to win or he will be guaranteed to go to Temple. Michael comments that he has heard that Green and Blue are going to throw the game so Purple can win so he and Kylie have an underground alliance to get rid of Purple and Green. Franke repeat the comments that Jeszie made about going all the way with Purple and how he thought that Red and Green were friends, but that he guesses that is wrong. After Temple, JD Roth reminds them that it will be down to the final four. There was a contest to find out what was the fans' favorite competition on Endurance. It was Fireball, a mission from season two.

One member of the team would be on the beach/land while the other is placed on a raft in the water. The land member would have to use a sling shot to fire a ball out to the raft. When a team caught a ball, they could eliminate another team from the competition. The last team standing won. The balls in this version look abit bigger than those used in season two. Red Team has a 10 foot disadvantage, and the Red platform is 10 feet further away. Orange and Green catch their balls. Green takes out Blue team. Orange now has to choose between Purple and Red.

Orange chooses to eliminate Purple. That means that Purple is going to Temple based on the very first shot. Daniela said that she felt like crying when she heard that. Green catches their second shot and they eliminate Orange. Only Green and Red are left. Green catches their shot and so does Red. So they have to do it again. Green catches the ball yet again. Erika misses the next ball for Red and the game is over. Amelia comforts Daniela.

Michael comments how everyone is happy that Green caught the ball because they believe he is a rat. Michael says that he is a great overall kid and good looking and he is not a rat. Kylie said that the girls feel sorry for her because Michael is dragging her team down and Kylie is going to have to suffer because of Michael on the chopping block. Jeszie then says Isaac is trying to keep Blue safe, and Jeszie wants to keep Red safe. We then see Jeszie and Isaac arguing. Isaac wants to keep Blue and Jeszie sees this as a chance to get rid of them. Both say that they are sticking to their guns. Isaac wants to send up Orange and Jeszie wants to send up Blue. So Isaac says that they will be camping out in the confessional until Jeszie changes her mind.

JD is with the teams discussing who will go up to Temple. JD said that 24 hours ago, Purple was one of the teams in charge and now they are going up to the Temple of Fate. Green has decided on the team that is going up to the Temple. It is Orange. One of the teams will be gone by the end of the day. Jonathan thinks he played the game very well, and that he had friends and gave it all in all the games. Jonathan did the best he could. Isaac said that Jonathan and Daniela are his best friends in the game and he will be bummed out if they don't come back. Daniela is glad that she had Jonathan as a partner because he really changed her. Michael learned that you should stick with your "true" (or in his case his first set) of friends. Michael admitted that he thought it was a game and he wanted to win and wanted to go with the stronger alliance. Kylie said that she doesn't take it personally that the other teams want Purple back. She says that she understands it, but wishes that they wanted Orange back too.

Orange and Purple are making their way to the Temple. As JD said, Purple is facing the team that sent them to the Temple by eliminating Purple from Fireball. In the first game, Purple picks water and Orange picks fire. Purple has one win. Jonathan whispers to Daniela that he is thinking strategy. Purple picks fire and Orange picks wood. Purple wins and Orange is eliminated.

Game PlayEdit


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Jonathan & Daniela Perserverance
Franke & Erika HeartDisciplineTrust
Heart, Discipline & Trust
Isaac & Jeszie LeadershipTeamworkLuck
Leadership, Teamwork & Luck
Shea & Amelia CourageCommitment
Courage & Commitment
To be given to a team in the next episode: Knowledge


Being the most popular game in Endurance, voted by the fans, Fireball returns this season.

One team has a slingshot, where they shoot a ball to the other side for their teammate to catch. If he/she catches the ball, they can choose to eliminate a team that missed. The last team standing wins.

Production NotesEdit


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  • This episode marks the first time since Eruption on E1 where Orange is eliminated before the final four
  • In this version of Fireball, the balls were significantly bigger. Also, everybody was closer to their teammate than before.
  • With Orange Team's elimination, all the team colors which were in the final three from the previous season were eliminated. 
  • This marks the only time in Endurance History when a team goes up with the team that sent them up. because Orange eliminated the Purple Team during the game, thus guaranteeing them a spot at the Temple of Fate from the previous episode. Since Orange didn't win the mission, they didn't have immunity, so Green was able to send them up to the Temple of Fate.
  • The argument about which team the Green Team wants to protect continues on in Hang 5.

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