Glen Powell
Full name

Glen Thomas Powell, Jr.


October 21, 1988


Bel Air, California



Endurance 2, Eliminated

Austin, Texas




Drop Out

Glen likes making his own movies, and is working to buy a proffesional video camera by mowing lawns and acting in commercials. He is a world traveler and is looking forward to going to a new destination and meeting new people on Endurnace. He likes to tap dance and sing at nursing homes.

— bio
Glen Thomas Powell (born October 21, 1988) is a former contestant on Endurance 2. He was eliminated in the Right to Stay challenge.


Glen was born in Austin, Texas to Glen Sr. and Cyndy Powell. He was raised in Austin before moving to Bel Air, California. He has two sisters, Lauren Powell, who is older and works in finance in Houston, Texas, and a younger sister, Leslie Powell, who has made a name for herself on the Texas music scene. Leslie is also known for her run as one of two members of the Green Team on Endurance: Fiji.


At fourteen years old, Glen was one of twenty new teens selected to be a part of the second season of Endurance.

Glen appeared to be struggling four minutes into the Right to Stay challenge. Around the six minute mark, he appeares to lose his balance which causes him to allow his bar to fall too low and fall into the water. He became the second contestant eliminated.


  • "These guys are tough."
  • "I felt like I could do it for a long time, but my balance didn't think so."

Post EnduranceEdit

Glen went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin.


Glen began performing in professional theatre with roles in The Music Man, Oliver, O. Henry, and The Sound of Music. He also was part of the award winning performance troupe, the "Broadway Texas Players" from 1999-2003. He has starred in television shows such as Into the West, Jack & Bobby, CSI: Miami, Without a Trace, along with feature films The Great Debaters, The Hottest State, Fast Food Nation, Jumping Off Bridges, The Safe Side, The Wendell Baker Story, and Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. Before her untimely death, Powell was cast to play opposite Brittany Murphy in the feature tennis comedy 40 Love.

Powell lives in Bel Air working as a filmmaker.


  • He's not a natural blonde, but a ginger.
  • His younger sister, Leslie Powell, was part of the Green Team in Endurance: Fiji, and was runner-up.


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