Isaac Moody




Endurance: High Sierras, 7th place

Riverside, California




Gray Team (formerly Blue)


Darci Miller
(formerly Taylor Sico-McNulty


Balance is the Key


Walk the Plank

Isaac has a strong personality. No matter what the task at hand, whether it's football or rock climbing, Isaac loves the competition and always is focused on winning. He deals with pressure by thinking positively and imagining himself being successful. He firmly believes that if you have a vision, you can succeed and he intends to bring this focus to competing on Endurance. He is excited to travel to a new place, even if he has to rough it for a while without TV.

— bio
Isaac Moody is a former contestant of Endurance: High Sierras. He competed alongside his partner Darci Miller as the Gray Team.


Isaac was one of the contestants that made it through the Right to Stay, but was the last male to secure a spot. In the partner selection, he was partnered with Taylor, and they became the Blue Team. At first, they argued alot, and many teams wanted them gone.

However, after winning Hot Potato, they received the power to switch any two players on any two teams. At first, they gave it to Cameron, believing that he would switch Red and Green. However, Cameron made a secret plan with Dakota, resulting in Isaac being placed on the Gray Team, and Connor on the Blue Team.

Afterward, the Gray Team has been targeted by the rest of the group, and were given the Samadhi by their former teammates in Move It Along. Despite having to start 20 seconds earlier, the Gray Team almost won Walk the Plank, but were eliminated just before Purple. They got sent to Temple by Red, along with Yellow, where they were eliminated.

Portrayal & RelationshipsEdit

Isaac was depicted as a person very into the game, to the point where everyone wanted him gone. However, he was also very humorous.


  • "I'm not screwing up for you, don't screw it up for me." (to Taylor)
  • "Last night was the worst night ever."
  • "We just have to win the next four missions in a row." (to Darci)
  • "If Blue Team gave me the Samadhi, I would feel betrayed because we switched, and when me and Taylor were the Blue Team, we were close to Connor and Darci on the Gray Team."
  • "I'm planning to give the Samadhi to Purple, since they have the Immunity Piece."

After EnduranceEdit

Isaac attended the University of California, Riverside.


  • Isaac is one of two contestants to be on two different teams.


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