Jenna Jimenez
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Full name

Jenna Carina Jimenez


December 17, 1987


Actress, Student

Endurance, 7th Place,
Endurance 2, 1st Place

Rogers Park, Illinois


14 (E1), 15 (E2)


Gray Team (E1)
Brown Team (E2)


Max DeLeo


Right to Stay (E1)
Wash Out (E2)”


Knotted Up (E1)
The Finale (E2)”

"I like to be playful and I like to have a good time, and other people, they tend to be too serious."
— Jenna in her introduction in Right to Stay

Jenna is into hip-hop, drama, Irish dancing and swimming. She has a wall in her bedroom covered with graffiti because she believes that anyone who enters her room should speak their mind freely and write down their thoughts.

— bio

Jenna Carina Jimenez (born December 17, 1987) is a former contestant on Endurance and Endurance 2, winning in the latter season. She competed alongside her partner, Max DeLeo, first as the Gray Team, and the following season as the Brown Team.


Jenna attended Lincoln Park High School.


Jenna was one of the 14 contestants that made it through the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, she was to be partnered with Max, according to the List. Because they were the last two contestants standing after the mission, they became each other's partners, and were given two pieces: Heart and Trust.

They thought of themselves as a target, because of getting two pieces from the start, so in Tilt, Jenna let go deliberately to lessen their chances of being a threat. Simultaneously, they started an alliance with Red and Yellow.

In Knotted Up, they lost the mission, and was sent up to the Temple of Fate, along with Green, because everyone thought the Gray Team would be able to eliminate Green. However, the mission there wasn't a strength challenge, as thought of, and Green managed to eliminate Gray, making them the first team to be eliminated in Endurance History.

Endurance 2Edit

Jenna considers herself a leader, but is that all she needs to win this round of ENDURANCE? Jenna describes herself as a leader, not a follower. She enjoys expressing herself through her unique sense of style. A vegetarian, her favorite subjects are algebra and drama.

— bio
The following year, at fifteen, Jenna was voted by her former castmates to return to Endurance 2.

When she returned, Jenna immediately became friends with Calley and Keetin, which formed into a strong alliance. However, the other contestants disagreed with her and Max's rearrival, and some of them were determined to eliminate the Brown Team as soon as possible. In Tower of Power, the Brown Team struggled a bit at first, but managed to gain enough ground so that they came close to winning a few times, but ultimately lost to Green. Because of this, they ended up being spared from the Temple of Fate.



  • "I like to be playful and I like to have a good time, and other people, they tend to be too serious."
  • "Cause [she and Trevor] are from Chicago." (about why she wants Trevor as a partner)

Endurance 2Edit

  • "It's just bad luck!" (on why the Gray Team gets sent home in the first elimination.)
  • "We're thankful we made it this far because we didn't have such luck last season."
  • "Who goes up to people other than Tyler and says they're going to send you guys?"
  • "You can't let [Annie] get to you." (to Calley)
  • "I'm already handicapped by this much." (when referring to the two-foot Samadhi and Max's height)
  • "All this strategy is getting us in a lot of trouble." (confessional)
  • "I'm really happy with being in the final three, but I'm not satisfied with it."
  • "[The Brown-Green alliance] was the only alliance that has stuck together until the end. It feels good to face the Green Team."
  • "I really enjoyed many aspects of this beach, probably one of the things I love and miss here are the different types of animals, the scorpions, the many types of jellyfish in the water...and the stars at night, because we don't get that in Chicago, because there's too much pollution."
  • "For everyone who has already left, who hasn't made it this far, I just wanted to say that it was really nice meeting everybody and I've had a good time, and it wouldn't have been the same if one person wasn't here...I know a lot of people are going to be disappointed they didn't make final two or final three or they had to leave as early as they did, but everything happens for a reason and we may not realize that now, but we will later on, we just have to keep thinking that our friendships at this beach are unforgettable." (confessional)
  • "It's like you go on a vacation and you miss being there."

Post EnduranceEdit

Jenna attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and has been experimenting with acting.


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