Keetin Marchi
Full name

Keetin Ann Marchi


February 13, 1989

Endurance 2, 2nd place

Fairfax, Virginia




Green Team


Mike Lavigne


Drop Out


The Finale

Keetin is a die-hard reality TV-show fan and being on Endurance is a dream come true. She is fun loving, talkative, and extremely competitive but never a sore loser.

— bio
Keetin Ann Marchi (born February 13, 1989) is a former contestant and finalist on Endurance 2. She competed alongside Mike Lavigne, as the Green Team.


At fourteen years old, Keetin was one of twenty new teens selected to be a part of the second season of Endurance.

Keetin was one of the contestants that made it through the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, she got Mike as a partner, and became the Green Team. Both of them were excited, because they wanted each other for a partner. When Max and Jenna returned, she was excited, and, along with Calley, befriended Jenna.

In Tower of Power, the Green Team started out slow in the mission, but worked together really well to win the first Temple Mission .

Portrayal & RelationshipsEdit

Keetin was portrayed as a nice girl, but she was very competitive.


  • "We've made enough enemies, I've gone through enough. The only way to make up for all this is to win."

Post EnduranceEdit

Keetin attended Indiana University in Bloomington, where she graduated in 2011. She is also a former Survivor "dream teamer" production assistant, constructing and testing challenges, acting as a stand in, etc.

Currently, Keetin is a production assistant on "The Jeff Probst Show".


  • She was the second blonde girl to represent the green team. The first being Lana from season 1.
  • Keetin was the only girl in Green Team history to have a K name.


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