Kelsey Schultz
Kelsey bitk
Full name

Kelsey Elizabeth Schultz


August 30, 1990

Endurance: High Sierras, 2nd place

Rockwall, Texas




Purple Team


Dakota Fisher


Balance is the Key



Athletic and intelligent, Kelsey has an adventurous spirit and prefers that people like her for her intelligence rather than her looks. She is also serious about sports; back home she's on the swim team, is a member of the varsity drill dance team, and has been training hard for a breast cancer three-day, 60-mile race. When it comes to pressure, Kelsey works best when there's a time crunch and people are counting on her. She feels she has the right combination of traits and skills to win Endurance.

— bio
Kelsey Elizabeth Schultz (born August 30, 1990) is a former Endurance: High Sierras contestant and finalist. She competed alongside Dakota Fisher as the Purple Team.


Kelsey was voted by the fans to be on the fifth season of Endurance, making her the 100th contestant on the show.

Kelsey was one of the two contestants who were considered for the free ride when the girls voted. When it was revealed that Darci won it over her, she started to cry, because she was afraid of what would happen next. However, due to the good karma J.D. offered, Kelsey was chosen by Darci to skip the Right to Stay, because she was second in the vote In the partner selection, she wanted Dakota, and they become the second team on Endurance. They also receieved the Triangle of Immunity. They were the major force of the PROG alliance, and caused all the drama with the team switch. However, they were a strong team on E5; their only rivals being the Blue Team.


Kelsey was best friends with Cealey, and helped them, but towards the end, she befriended Taylor of the Blue Team. This, however, was a strategy to keep Purple in the game.


  • "I want a cookie."
  • "I'm slipping, I'm slipping, I'm slipping..."
  • "I am 20 pounds!"
  • "You know, before I came here, I was thinking I would 't make it for three days. You know, and I made it to the final two, and, I just never found out it was possible, and this experience, it wasn't what I thought it would be...and, to make it far into this game, you definitely need to be a strong person. Watching the show, I never realized that."

Post EnduranceEdit

Kelsey attended the University of North Texas, and was in the movie Queen Sized.


  • Kelsey is the 100th contestant in Endurance History.


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