Kendall Yorkey
Full name

Kendall Iris Yorkey

Endurance: Tehachapi,



Hang Glide


Hang Glide

This fearless and athletic teen plays basketball, volleyball and golf, runs track, does kickboxing, lifts weights, and studies ballet and piano! She’s also very flexible and can spin her hand around 360 degrees! Extremely competitive, Kendall will do whatever it takes to win on Endurance.

— bio
Kendall Iris Yorkey is a former contestant of Endurance: Tehachapi. She was eliminated in the Right to Stay challenge.


At fourteen years old, Kendall was one of twenty new teens selected to be a part of the fourth season of Endurance. 

Kendall was the second of the three girls to be eliminated from the Right to Stay, after Brittany.


  • "I asked Shea of what they think of Brooke and Julie and he wants them to stay here cause they're hot."


  • Kendall was the only one in Season 4 to think that she couldn't get past the Right-To-Stay challenge.

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