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Kyle Curtis
Full name

Kyle Curtis

Endurance: Fiji, 6th place

Pearland, Texas




Yellow Team


Briana Vega


End of the Rope


Box Launch

Kyle believes that the true test of a man is not in physical strength, it's in band! As a member of his high school band, he believes that the most exciting part of a school football game is the 15 minutes when the band is playing on the field. Kyle also came up with his own attributes for each letter of the new pyramid piece of KARMA: K for keeping friends close and enemies closer, A for Alliances, R for relying on your partner, M- for making friends and A for achieving all the pyramid pieces!

— bio
Kyle Curtis is a former contestant of Endurance: Fiji. He competed alongside Briana Vega as the Yellow Team.


At age 15, Kyle was cast to be on the 6th season of Endurance.


Post EnduranceEdit


  • Kyle and Briana became the last ever team on Endurance, because they were made a team by default in Memory Race.

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