Kylie Glessman
Full name

Kylie Anne Glessman

Endurance: Tehachapi, 5th place

Simpsonville, SC




Orange Team


Michael Delvecchio


Hang Glide



Athletic and mentally tough, this renaissance teen and straight-A student was inspired to try out for Endurance when her big sister told her she wouldn’t make it. She’s learned to take stress in stride from all her experience in competitive horseback riding and competing on the debate team. Kylie vows to live by the famous phrase, “courage under pressure,” while competing on the show. An avid soccer player, she also once scored a hat trick in a game when she was playing defense from the very back of the field.

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Kylie Anne Glessman is a former contestant on Endurance: Tehachapi. She competed alongside her partner, Michael Delvecchio as the Orange Team.

Early LifeEdit

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Kylie was one of the 14 contestants to make it through the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, she was set up to be partnered with Jonathan, but Chris, winning the mission, put Jonathan with Daniela and Kylie with Michael, the latter becoming the Orange Team.

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Post EnduranceEdit

Kylie graduated from Southside High School in 2007, and went on to attend the University of South Carolina. She was one of Southside High School's most outstanding students. She was a student council officer, captain of the varsity soccer team, a member of the tennis team, and a member of the National Honor Society. Kylie was also an International Baccalaureate Diploma candidate, and considers her biggest passion outside of school horseback riding.


  • Graduated from Southside High School with a perfect attendance record. Never missing a single day of school for 12 years.

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