Lana Neiman
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Full name

Lana Lynn Neiman


January 14, 1988



Endurance, 4th place

Chicago, Illinois




Green Team


Trevor Wilkins


Right to Stay


Dial In

Lana is a triplet and – to stand out from her two sisters – has become very athletic and competitive. She has a lot of energy and plays soccer, basketball, volleyball and jumps horses as a hobby

— bio
Lana Lynn Neiman (born January 14, 1988) is a former contestant on Endurance. She competed alongside her partner, Trevor Wilkins, as the Green Team.


At fourteen years old, Lana was selected for the first season of Endurance.

Lana was one of the contestants who survived the right to stay. In the partner selection, she was originally supposed to be partnered with Brandon according to the List, but was partnered up with Trevor. She didn't like her partner at first, and it caused them to get sent to Temple against Gray. However, they survived, and they returned.


  • Featured Quote: "You can be the stupid person, make stupid decisions, and do whatever you want, but I'm telling you right now—you will be the next team to leave this island." (to Jonna)
  • "If I win, I have to go on a trip with this kid!"
  • "I should've been holding [Trevor]." (after Tilt)
  • "Why would you pick me as your partner? I came here to win." (to Trevor)

Post EnduranceEdit

Lana attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She majored in Cultural Anthropology and Spanish. She rides horses avidly as a hobby. Natalie and Ashley are her triplet sisters. Lana lives in Chicago.


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