Lilly Brown
Full name

Lilly Brown


March 27, 1991

Endurance: High Sierras, 6th place

Bloomington, Indiana




Yellow Team


Aric Manthey


Balance is the Key



This excellent student and athlete has a 4.0 GPA in school, is two years ahead in math, and has received the highest marks in gym class. Her next challenge is to win Endurance! In addition to her wall of trophies, her team's outstanding performance on the soccer field, and a long-term obsession with Endurance, she has yet another talent — singing. Lilly and her two younger sisters have a singing group called “The Brown Sisters.” Lilly says that although she is a tough competitor, she still strives to “always do what's right and stay true to herself.”

— bio
Lilly Brown (born March 27, 1991) is a former contestant on Endurance: High Sierras. She competed alongside her partner, Aric Manthey as the Yellow Team.


Lilly was one of the 16 contestants that made it through the Right to Stay, in which she's done exceptionally well and the only person overall to not fall. In the Partner Selection, she was the last girl to hang on, but eventually lost to Dakota. Via Cealey and Alex, Lilly was partnered with Aric, and he admired her physical strength in challenges. In the challenge where the last team would be eliminated, they were the 4th team to complete the task and choose a color, becoming the Yellow Team.

While they had good teamwork, they didn't win in Hot Potato. However, Lilly was among the group in where Dakota told his secret strategy on switching Blue and Gray. During the challenge in Move It Along, they were doing relatively well, unitl they dropped one of their blocks further out. Lilly used her foot to get it back, but weren't any closer to winning. They were spared from the Samadhi.

They were the first team to fall in Walk the Plank after 20 minutes. After Red won, they planned to send Yellow, along with Gray, to the Temple of Fate. Using Darci's strategy against her, the Yellow Team was able to come back. Before Gray left, Darci gave Lilly a gray bandana.

In Fill and Spill, Gray left their Luck piece to Yellow. However, they were deemed the "new Gray", as they became the target for the show. During the challenge, Lilly was the only girl to hang on, but Yellow was once again the first team to be eliminated. They were placed on the Super Team along with the Green and Blue Teams.

Because their Super Team lost in Superboats, Yellow, along with Blue, were sent up to the Temple of Fate. Lilly was shown wearing an Endurance t-shirt signed by the other contestants. There, they lost, and the Yellow Team was eliminated.


  • "I've heard screaming, and I was like, 'What? They're just huts, what's up?' And then I saw them..."
  • "Man, [Aric]'s tough!"

Post EnduranceEdit

Lilly attended Syracuse University.


  • Lilly was the strongest girl on E5.
  • Lilly attended the same college as Jackie Wei from E6.

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