Mike Lavigne
Full name

Michael Lavigne

Endurance 2, 2nd place

Shelton, Connecticut




Green Team


Keetin Marchi

Though many people think of him as a goofball, Mike considers himself to be quite serious. Although he likes to be a leader if someone else has a good idea he will follow. In his spare time, he takes Russian classes at Yale University. He's a strategist who came to Endurane with one plan: to win!

— bio
Mike Lavigne is a former contestant and finalist on Endurance 2. He competed alongside his partner, Keetin Marchi, as the Green Team.


Mike was one of 14 contestants that made it through the right to stay. In the partner selection, he wanted Keetin, and vice versa. In the competition for it, they both caught the green ball, and became the Green Team, much to their delight.


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Post EnduranceEdit

After graduating from Shelton High School in 2005, Mike attended Yale University. He now works as a Product Manager at Centric Digital in New York City.



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