"We dominated you!"
— Monroe in "Bagging on You"

Monroe Gierl
Full name

Monroe Jordan Gierl




Beta Alpha Psi

Endurance 3: Hawaii, 3rd place

Milwaukee, Wisconsin




Yellow Team


Bryanah Bascon


The Arrival


Final Elimination

Seeing "Jaws" at the age of 4 terrified this competitive swimmer, but fear of sharks won't stop the strategy-minded Monroe from working to win. An incredibly loyal fan of "Endurance", Monroe has studied all the strategies, but will his knowledge help him when it really counts?

— bio
Monroe Jordan Gierl is a former contestant on Endurance 3: Hawaii. He competed alongside his partner, Bryanah Bascon, as the Yellow Team.


Monroe was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. .


In the Casting Special, the casting crew was impressed by his enthusiasm. In one of his audition tapes, he made a basket, and ranted on the windy conditions in Milwaukee, which might "fly him away to Jupiter". While he was watching the season finale of Endurance 2 with some friends, J.D. came to his house and told him he was one of twenty contestants who was to compete on E3.

When the contestants first made it in the jungle, the other girls have considered choosing him to skip the Right to Stay. However, they started to have second doubts about it, ultimately choosing Reece instead. During the Right to Stay challenge, Demian constantly tried to knock him off the pole. However, he made it through. In the partner selection, he caught the #13 ball, and didn't get a partner until Bryanah was bumped by Lindi, and she was forced to be partners with him. He was not happy with the decision, especially as he wanted Alex, but she chose Bjorn.

In Headstrong, he was happy to see Taylor back, and was rooting for her in the challenge. As a result of their friendship, he resented Tom for choosing Vanetta and didn't want to befriend him. In the next episode, Yellow was the second team eliminated in the challenge, and they received the Samadhi. He then remarked at the end of the episode that he couldn't just sit back anymore while things happened around him.

In the beginning of Bagging on You, Monroe was upset he got Bryanah as a partner because she stirred drama with everyone else, which made them target their team. At the Temple Mission, the Yellow Team, despite getting the Samadhi, ended up winning. Afterward, Monroe wanted to send Orange and Gray up to the Temple of Fate, while Bryanah wanted to send up Blue alongside Orange, because she liked Chris. They ended up sending Orange and Blue up, with the hopes Orange would be eliminated. However, the Orange Team came back.

When the next mission was announced to be a Temple Mission the next day, Monroe became scared, because either Yellow, or their allies on Green and Brown, has to win a strategy-based game, or Gray or Purple would win a strength-based game and Yellow would be sent up to Temple along with Green. In the mission Squaring Off, Yellow ends up losing, while Orange wins. Monroe's fears came true when Orange picked Yellow and Green to go up to the Temple of Fate. Both teams cried, knowing if they won, their friends wouldn't come back. Yellow, however, manage to come back.

In Out on a Limb, Yellow received the Heart piece from Green, which Monroe wasn't surprised about. In the confessional, he believes Nicole felt sorry for Demian because "Demian has got a whack partner like yourself". In the challenge itself, while the other boys were struggling, Monroe was "making it look easy", as J.D. put it, though it may be because Bryanah was one of the lighter girls on the platform. He won the challenge for Yellow, but not before Reece called him a beast before letting go. When choosing superteams, the Yellow Team decided to pick Purple and Gray, despite Nicole's pleas to join them and Tom's questions on their loyalty.  

In the superteam challenge, the Yellow Team won, though Monroe was dragged twenty feet across the obstacle course. 

Portrayal & RelationshipsEdit

Monroe was depicted as a competitor, but everyone seems to underestimate him due to his appearance. However, he proves to be a force to be reckoned with; the most significant occurance of this was in Out on a Limb.


  • "STOP IT!" --First Elimination
  • "[Bryanah and Chris] only known each other for one day, but they're going to get married." --Pick Your Partner
  • "Do I want to see [Tom's] face around here; no I would rather not." --Headstrong
  • "I'm not happy with Tom because he didn't choose Taylor. He's so arrogant and thinks he's the King of Endurance and I mean look, Tom, you already got cut once!" (on Tom's choice of Vanetta as his partner) --Headstrong
  • "We dominated you!" --Bagging on You
  • "Bet'cha didn't see that coming!" (confessional) --Bagging on You
  • "I know I need to come back, but...not having Green here, it's just as bad as leaving, not having Green." --Squaring Off
  • "...and it will just be as hard to come back as it will be to leave." (on being sent to Temple with Green) --Squaring Off
  • "Hello Nicole, she feels sorry for [Demian] because he has a whack partner like yourself." (confessional) --Out on a Limb
  • "The comfort level just dropped dramatically and Yellow shot up, because now they know that their little alliance is going to be broken up, and it's unfortunate, but people did it to us, and now we're going to do it to them."
  • "...well, it's just fine with me, because they've ruined plenty of my days." --The Halfway Mark
  • "Don't count me out until I'm burned at Temple."
  • "Chris and Lindi, do not let Nicole win this game." (to Gray Team before leaving) --Final Elimination

Post EnduranceEdit

He graduated from Nicolet High School in 2007, then attended the University of Wisconsin: Madison. He currently works for a Big Four Firm in Federal Tax Practice.


  • Behind the scenes of the show, the contestants played pranks on each other like jokingly trying to drown Monroe in the river.
  • Monroe gave Sarah many piggy back rides because of the mud.
  • As a prank, Vanetta and Monroe locked all the port-a-potties making it impossible for anyone to use them.
  • Monroe's challenge win in Out on a Limb was one of the top 10 moments from the first four seasons.
  • Monroe was mentioned on Endurance: High Sierra's Walk the Plank, when Taylor told Connor to "Be Monroe!"
    • The challenge itself was not unlike Out on a Limb.


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