Moolah Beach
Air Dates 9/8/2001 - 12/8/2001
# of Episodes 7
Winner Purple Team
Season Chronology
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Moolah Beach was a reality show with teenagers competing in competitions in order to not be exiled from the beach and ultimately win $25,000. It aired on Fox (as part of its Fox Kids lineup) as a 30-minute show and Fox Family (later shown on ABC Family) as an extended 60-minute show in the summer/fall of 2001 for 13 episodes. During each episode there would be a Kahuna, and a Makahiki mission. The winner of the Makahiki mission would earn two idols of their choosing, hoping to find the one with the 25,000 dollar grand prize. The Kahuna mission determined how many offerings you would give to the great Kahuna. First place got ten, second got five, third got four, and so on. It is the predecessor of the cancelled show Endurance.Production


The show was filmed on Pilaa beach near Hanalei on the island of Kauai's North Shore.


Picture Information Team


Picture Information

Xavier Yepez

Westchester, IL

Blue 6th

Chasati Allen

Dolton, IL

Jacob Capito

Fort Wayne, IN

Orange 5th

Chloë Levenson

New York, NY

A.J. Johnson

Winter Haven, FL

Yellow 4th

Brittany Harris

Cocoa Beach, FL

Drew Luna

Lake Mary, FL

Red 3rd

Nancy Diaz

Ocala, FL

Kyle Searles

Frisco, TX

Green 2nd

Shari Lee

Bowie, MD

Clark Harrison

Schaumburg, IL

Purple 1st

Summer Borden

Rowlett, TX

Elimination TableEdit

Idols TableEdit

Idol Description Original Holder Finals Holder
Koa Warrior Green
Lua pele Volcano Purple
Papi'o Fish Green
Makani pahili Hurricane Purple
Ikaika Strength Green
Moana Ocean Green
Kahakai Beach Purple
La'a' Sun Purple
Hekili Thunder Green
Mano Shark Purple
Mea wa'a Canoe
Ahi Fire Green
Hula Dance Red Purple
  • The Hula idol contained the $25,000.
    • The Hula idol was the only idol to be possessed by another team.


Episode 1

The contestants arrived on "Moolah Beach" in canoes and later attended a luau. The next day they broke into teams of two in the Pakana Ball mission. Contestants had to catch an idol attached to a big Pakana ball, which was launched from a catapult. The first person who caught the idol got to choose their partner, until all 12 contestants had partners.

Episode 2

In the Makahiki Mission, team members had to hang onto a Pig Spit, while getting sprayed with water. Kyle was last contestant to hang on to the spit deeming the Green Team the winner. Kyle and Shari were the first to choose two idols – Warrior and Strength. The Kahuna Mission was called Rock the Boat. Everyone ganged up on the Blue Team, who came in last, as a result. In end, the Great Kahuna exiled the Blue Team, Chasati and Xavier, from the beach.

Episode 3

Summer and Clark, the Purple Team, won the Makahiki Mission, an onstacle course called Kukini. They chose the Shark and Beach idols. The Green Team, Kyle and Shari, won the Kahuna Mission, called Hula Bridge. In this event, the boys escorted their partners across the water on beams and platforms. Jacob and Chloe, the Orange Team, came in last place. In the end, the Great Kahuna exiled the Orange Team from Moolah Beach.

Episode 4

In the Makahiki Mission, X Marks the Spot, the teams climbed a rope bridge suspended above the water. The Purple Team won and choose Hurricane and Sun idols, giving them a total of four idols. The Green Team won the Kahuna Mission, Ula Maika. In this game, teams got inside huge plastic balls and raced each other. Red came in last. Drew and Nancy thought they were doomed to leave, but to everyone's surprise the Great Kahuna exiled the Yellow Team from the beach instead.

Episode 5

The last Makahiki Mission was called Rope House. Teams had to build a "house" by threading a rope through several posts. Green came in first and chose the Ocean and Fish idols. This time, the 2nd place team, Red got to select one idol. They chose Hula. The final Kahuna Mission was Shark Bait. Teams had to hang onto large posts while suspended over the water. Green came in first place. In the end, the Great Kahuna exiled the Red Team from the beach. Nancy and Drew gave their idol to the Purple Team.

Episode 6

The Green and Purple Teams earned the last four idols in a treasure hunt called Search for the Lost Idols. Each team won two idols. Purple chose Canoe and Volcano, leaving Green with Fire and Thunder. Purple had a total of seven idols. Green had six. In the Temptation of the Spirits, JD offered the Purple Team prizes if they gave three idols to Green. They declined. JD offered more prizes to Green, if they gave up two idols. Green accepted and gave Fire and Thunder to Purple. Purple won the moolah inside the Hula idol!

Reunion Episode

The 12 contestants come back to talk about their stay at Moolah Beach.