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Circle of Trust

The Purple-Green Alliance was an alliance formed in Endurance: Tehachapi. It was initiated almost immediately after Power Play with the Yellow Team as part of it. The alliance was mostly focused around Jonathan's friendship with Isaac.

Alliance HistoryEdit

The alliance had considerable strength at the beginning of the season, because Green won Blocked, the first Endurance Mission, while Purple won Raft Pull, the first Temple Mission. They were placed on different Superteams in Drop Out by the Red Team, because of the difference in team strength, but when Purple's superteam won in Super Stumped, Green was spared from the Temple of Fate. However, they lost their key ally, the Yellow Team, as they were defeated at Temple by the Red Team.

In Waterworks, Purple was the last team to complete the challenge, automatically sending them to the Temple of Fate. Green promised that they would do anything they can to help them win. Although Green won the next mission, Purple was sent to Temple, but they managed to come back. In Hang 5, Green won the mission, but Isaac and Jeszie debated on whom to give the Samadhi to. Jeszie suggested giving it to Purple, because they were the next strongest team. However, because of their alliance, Isaac went against it, which helped fuel the conflict between them. Despite this, combined with their non-intervention in the conflict, Purple was spared from the Samadhi.

In Cubed, Purple won that mission, but faced the daunting task of sending two teams to the Temple of Fate. Daniela suggested to send Green, along with Red, because they were the two strongest teams. Jonathan didn't agree, because of their friendship and is determined to make it to the final two together. So, Green was spared, which narrowly avoided the breakup of the alliance. However, when Purple won the next mission, they handicapped Green, because they knew that they were the strongest team. Since they were at the final three, they knew they couldn't save each other if one were to win the final Temple Mission.

The alliance formally broke up in Circle of Trust, when both teams lost the mission and were sent up to Temple; Green was eliminated in four rounds. Meanwhile, the Purple Team advanced to the finale, where they lost to the Red Team.


  • Only two-team alliance that was never connected to any other alliances in any way. However, the Yellow Team was a minor part of the original alliance, but didn't have that much influence because of their early elimination.
  • Second strongest alliance in terms of missions won: won every single mission except for Drop Out and Circle of Trust.
    • However, none of the members ended up winning Endurance: Tehachapi.

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