Sarah Baker
Full name

Sarah Nicole Baker


September 21, 1990


Chicago, Illinois



Endurance 3: Hawaii, 4th place

Downer's Grove, Illinois




Purple Team


Reece Bors


The Arrival


The Final Four

"I caught a lot of people by surprise, because they didn't know I was as strong as I am."
— Sarah after Purple won Ring of Fire

This runner and dancer is used to clearing hurdles. A self-described leader who isn't afraid of being different, Sarah has a funky style and is ready to make friends and win. The biggest challenge she'll face on Endurance? Going without her curling iron!

— bio
Sarah Nicole Baker (born September 21, 1990) is a former contestant on Endurance 3: Hawaii. She competed alongside her partner, Reece Bors, as the Purple Team. Sarah is a professionally trained dancer, and has steadily been working as a model.


Sarah was born in Wheaton, Illinois. She attended Longfellow Elementary School and Franklin Middle School, before moving to Downer's Grove. By age four, Sarah was cast in her first play, The Wizard of Oz. She continued appearing in plays, and had dreams of modeling and acting. At age thirteen, the Baker family moved to Downer's Grove, IL in order to give Sarah the opportunity to attend more auditions.


In the Casting Special. Sarah described how her friend said she was so unique, with a "weird personality". Another audition tape showed Sarah in her room, telling about her unique sense of style. After submitting the final audition tape, Sarah was told that before making a decision, they would need to tape a day in her life in order to get a better feel of her personality. However, this was all a ruse. Sarah had actually already been selected, and was surprised by JD Roth with the news while eating lunch with her family.

Once on the island, Sarah was one of the fourteen contestants to survive the Right to Stay. The next day, she was annoyed with how all the boys wanted Lindi for a partner, and how she didn't want Chris or Reece because they would be happier with her. In the Partner selection, she caught the #11 ball, and stood on the Purple circle, which she mistakenly took for pink. Reece chose to be her partner, and they became the Purple Team.

Portrayal & RelationshipsEdit

Sarah appeared to care about her looks sometimes, and appeared to be a girly-girl. Even in The Halfway Mark, J.D. jokes about missing being pretty all the time. However, she learned to get dirty like the rest of them.


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Post EnduranceEdit

Sarah worked as a model, traveling the world. She was most recently in Milan, Italy for the duration of this past summer. She was the owner of a fashion and lifestyle blog, Currently, she is a plant-based nutrition + holistic health coach, wellness media personality, holistic business consultant, and a blogger.


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