Shea Thomas
Full name

Shea Sumner Thomas

Endurance: Tehachapi, 4th place



Blue Team


Amelia Land


Hang Glide



Shea loves animals. He has five dogs, three cats and two rats. This Southern boy plays golf and jumps on the trampoline, but he is also into extreme sports like bungee jumping, skiing and surfing. He learned the importance of teamwork while playing baseball and soccer. Shea thinks he’s got the brains and the brawn to win Endurance.

— bio
Shea Sumner Thomas is a former contestant on Endurance: Tehachapi. He competed alongside his partner, Amelia Land as the Blue Team.


Shea was one of the 14 to survive the right to stay challenge.  Then, at the partner choosing challenge, Amelia Land, and him spoke up and said that they wanted each other, so they got each other!  Shea and Amelia competed like no other, they didn't win anything.  They made an alliance with the Gray Team, but when it got exposed, they were the targets alondside the Gray Team.  Then, both teams got sent to the Temple.  Blue Team came out on top.  The Blue Team did seem like a team who'd make it far, and they did.  But most of it was because they were kept as a weak team, and the fact that Amelia had a thing for Isaac.  The Blue Team was sadly eliminated at the Temple of Fate, against the Red Team.  In the next episode, they leave their pieces to the Green Team.


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