Spin Fly
Season 4, Episode 14
Spin fly
Aired March 25, 2006
Mission Spin Fly
Pyramid piece Teamwork, Commitment, Courage, Leadership, Strength, Luck (via Green)


Winner Red Team
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"Here they are: the final two teams, before the final challenge, before the final Temple tonight, when one team will become Endurance Champions."
J.D. Roth before the final challenge

Spin Fly is the 14th episode of Endurance: Tehachapi.


Two teams have made it to the final day, but now they will go head to head as they compete for the remaining pieces. In this mission both teams will fly high, but only one can win an advantage and move one step closer to winning it all!


The finale starts at the camp the morning after Green was eliminated. They join JD Roth on the stairs in front of the cabin. JD reminds them that one of them will be the Endurance champs. Erika gets to read the letter that Green left behind. The letter says that Endurance changed their lives in many different ways with the partnership and friendship that they had with Red and Purple. J.D. stresses the part where Isaac and Jeszie say "all four of you have proved to us that if you look beyond the wants of yourself, you can accomplish absolutely anything you put your mind down to." J.D .thinks that says alot about what the Green team was able to do. Erika said that when you live out with the others you find that you take alot for granted in your real life and that you have to rely on strangers that become lifelong friends.

The Green team's six pieces and the Friendship piece are now up for grabs. Red currently has four pieces and Purple has two pieces. All thirteen pieces have to be won to win the game. JD points to five poles that each have colors to represent the teams that have left the game. J.D. is going to give Erika, Franke, Daniela, and Jonathan time to decorate the poles in honor of the other teams. Those five poles are going to remain in the Tehachapi Mountains after the final four leave. Jonathan said that the goal of Purple is to win all seven pieces. Daniela admits that she wants to leave as the Endurance champ, even though she will be happy with getting to the final.

The four are now decorating the poles in memory of the five teams that left. Jonathan put a colored feather on top of each pole. Jonathan is calling Franke on his sloppiness and the fact that Franke couldn't write on anyone's pole. Daniela said that they decorated all the poles with the names of the players and then tried to come up with something special that was between them. For the Blue team, they put Georgia on it in honor of their southerness. Franke knew that Shea was going to be hilarious and says that he really misses him. They forget to put Amelia's name on the pole until Jonathan notices it and then puts the name on the pole in smaller letters.

Franke put Tenacious on Yellow's pole because Chris always yelled that out. Erika said that for Chris being only 12 and just out of sixth grade that he was amazingly strong. Callie just looked like she was built to be strong.

Jonathan tried to write wow on the Green pole because that was what Isaac said all the way. Jonathan just wrote it as "wo." Jonathan said that it is very quiet without Isaac and Jeszie because they were both very vocal.

Jonathan realizes that to beat out five other teams was a great accomplishment. Daniela thinks that Purple proved everyone wrong who thought that Purple was the weakest team when all the teams were there. Franke said that everyone saw Red as a threat, and thought that he let Erika do alot of the work. Jonathan thinks that it is very important for them to win some of the pieces to make it possible for them to win in the final Temple mission.

It is now time for the final challenge. The rules: each player is harnessed to opposite ends of spinning beams. One player will start on the platform and must run as fast as they can to gain momentum to spin their partner in a circle. As you go around, the players have to grab sandbags and drop them onto of the pyramid pieces in seven boxes below them. The first team to drop a bag on a pyramid piece gets to keep the piece. The game starts. Erika is running first for the Red team and Jonathan runs first for the Purple. Purple gets a bag first. Purple gets a bag in on the Leadership piece, and then Red gets the Trust piece. Red then gets Courage. The teams are missing alot. Purple gets Friendship. Purple then gets Strength. Jonathan has been the one getting the pieces. Purple then gets the Commitment piece. Only one piece is up for grabs. Red gets the final piece which is Teamwork. Red gets three pieces to have a grand total of seven pieces. Purple won four pieces to bring their grand total to six.

The four kids are back at the camp, and Franke and Jonathan race to get onto the swing. They stand and swing together. Franke said that he never saw a game like that one before. Jonathan said that it was hard to run with the harness because while you were running you were also being pulled up off the ground. He said you really have to give it your all. Franke said that if you have lousy aim like he did, it was very hard to get the sack into the box and took several throws. Erika was proud of Franke because got the last piece. Franke felt proud because he got two pieces while Erika was only able to get one. Franke said that Erika told him that it was all him in the game. Franke said that Erika helped, but he did good. Franke admits that he did better than he thought. Erika reminds everyone that Franke got the last one. Franke admits that it is pretty close as they go into the final mission. He says that he doesn't want to get cocky and then wind up losing.

Daniela tells Jonathan that she is scared because they are so close to winning. Jonathan said that it is so close that they can definitely win. Daniela wishes that Blue gave them their pieces, and Jonathan said that it doesn't matter because they are down by one piece.

Game PlayEdit

Going into Final Temple

Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Jonathan & Daniela PerserveranceIngenuityLeadershipFriendshipStrengthCommitment
Perseverance, Ingenuity, Leadership, Friendship, Strength & Commitment
Franke & Erika HeartDisciplineTrustKnowledgeLuckCourageTeamwork
Heart, Discipline, Trust, Knowledge, Luck, Courage & Teamwork


In Spin Fly, both players on a harness, and one teammate has to run on a wooden platform as fast as possible to spin their teammate in a circle. Meanwhile, they can also grab sandbags and throw them at boxes with a pyramid piece inside them. If a team member's sandbag goes in, then they get that piece.

Production NotesEdit


  • Daniela: "Did I get paint on my face?"
    • Jonathan: "Yes."
    • Franke: "It looks beautiful, keep it there."
  • Franke: "Do not mess with the amazingness of the artist."
  • Jonathan: "Y'all. [Shea and Amelia] both said, 'y'all'".
    • Franke: "So Southern it hurts."
  • Daniela: "I think we proved everybody wrong. I definitely know how everybody thought we were the weakest team when we were all here. Being in the final two and winning so many missions people can't be like they're not strong."
  • Franke: "There's one more mission; I hope I can win this for the Red Team."
  • J.D.: "Here they are: the final two teams, before the final challenge, before the final Temple tonight, when one team will become Endurance Champions."
  • Franke: "I just jammed my feet."
  • Jonathan: "I'm on fire!"
    • J.D.: "Jonathan is on fire now!"
  • Jonathan: "Thank you everyone!"
  • J.D.: "Purple got another one: four for Purple, two for Red with one piece left."
    • Franke: "WHAT?!"
    • Jonathan: "Yeah, that's right!"
  • Franke: "That was exhilirating. But painful."
  • Jonathan: "You know I'm coming for you Franke. Do you know why? I'll show you why." (races ahead of Franke)
    • Franke: "NOOOOO! Curse you Jon!"
  • Jonathan: "That game was so fun; I wish we could do it for the heck of it."


  • This mission was #3 on the Top Ten Games list from the first four seasons.

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