Stefanie Fernandez
Full name

Stefanie Fernandez

Endurance: High Sierras, Eliminated

Boca Raton, Florida




Balance is the Key


Hangin' Around

Her favorite saying is that “good things come in small packages.” At 5 feet tall, Stephanie could easily come across as physically weak. But her fellow contestants had better not underestimate this spunky, energetic and athletic girl with a big personality. Stephanie is a star soccer player, competing on her school team, a traveling team and a club team. She can't wait to take part in Endurance and show everyone her leadership skills. She also wants to show her fellow contestants how she can blow air out of her eyes — weird but true.

— bio
Stefanie Fernandez is a former Endurance: High Sierras contestant. She was eliminated in the Right to Stay Challenge.


Stefanie was one of the last girls to finish her first lap in the Right to Stay. Despite coming within one lap of completion, she was unable to complete the Right to Stay challenge as she fell a quarter way across the final lap, so Anna narrowly beat her, eliminating her.


Stefanie was portrayed as a quiet contestant, but only because she was very nervous of the competition ahead. 


  • "Even though I'm going home early in the game, I've learned to never give up; to just keep going, and don't stop believing that you can do it."

Post EnduranceEdit

Stefanie attended Florida State University.


  • Stefanie was the only one out of the four contestants who were eliminated in the Right to Stay on E5 that could've possibly made it (Martina didn't complete any laps, while Adrian and Rafael only completed 1).
  • Stefanie came from the same hometown as Daniela Bustamante from Endurance: Tehachapi.
  • Stefanie attended the same college as fellow contestant Cealey Godwin, who went on to win that season.

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