Taylor Sico-McNulty

May 18, 1992


Boston, MA

Endurance: High Sierras, 3rd place

Boxford, Massachusetts




Blue Team


Isaac Moody
—Unwind to Move It Along
Connor Finnegan
—Move It Along to elimination


Balance is the Key


All Tied Up

It won't be hard for Taylor to adapt quickly to her rustic Endurance environment and a group of strangers. This outgoing teen has moved many times in her young life, and thus has a knack for quickly making new friends wherever she goes. Her winning strategy for Endurance is to befriend the other players and get them to look to her as a leader. Taylor's all-around athletic skills and strong sense of competition will be helpful too.

— bio

"I'm here to show everyone that I can be physical and I'm not just a preppy little girl who's stuck up."
— Taylor in her intro on Balance is the Key

Taylor Sico-McNulty (born May 18, 1992) is a former Endurance: High Sierras contestant. She originally competed alongside Isaac Moody as the Blue Team; after the team switch, she was partnered with Connor Finnegan.


Taylor was one of the contestants that made it through the right to stay; being the second girl to complete the task. In the partner selection, she wanted Dakota for a partner, but she hasn't confirmed it to the rest of the group, so they were planning to put her with Garret, much to her dismay. This led her to start crying, which irritated the other contestants, believing if they partnered her with Garret, they would eliminate them quickly.

In the partner game, she was the second person to fall. Afterward, she was partnered with Isaac via Connor and Darci, much to her shock. Before Unwind, she became very happy about her partner choice. In the mission, however, she wanted to get on the Blue platform, while Isaac wanted to be on the Orange platform, leading to an argument. Since Max and Kristine made it onto the Orange platform first, Isaac and Taylor became the Blue Team.

Even though she was in the game, she didn't like Isaac very much, and they argued a lot. However, they won the first Endurance Mission and received the Samadhi, which allows them to switch two partners on any two teams. She made a deal with the Red and Green teams that she would give it to Cameron, and they would be switched, but at the Ridge, Cameron put Connor on the Blue Team, and her teammate Isaac on the Gray Team. Taylor felt betrayed, saying she completely trusted Cameron.

Afterwards, she won Move it Along with Connor, which she was happy about. They strategized alone about who to give the Samadhi to, knowing if they give it to one team, they could make a number of enemies. As a result, they gave the Samadhi to their former teammates on the Gray Team.

Portrayal & RelationshipsEdit

Taylor was depicted as very emotional, from the time where she faced the prospect of having Garret as a partner, to Cealey's claim about her being a cheater. However, she was determined to win, and was able to overcome the hate and adversity during the game, allowing her to go very far. Taylor was also very friendly with the other contestants except Cealey, and was angered because PROG is playing the game like a "popularity contest", which she agreed with Aric of the Yellow Team.

Taylor shares a good bond with Connor, and they worked well together in challenges. She states in It's A Drag that Connor was the only person she can trust. Taylor originally had a crush on Dakota, but it vanished after the team switch, when he lied to her. She was good friends with the Yellow Team, Darci, and Kelsey, the latter who used it as a strategy to spare the Purple Team from harm.


  • "I'm here to show everyone that I can be physical and I'm not just a preppy little girl who's stuck up." (Balance is the Key)
  • "I really don't want Garret!" (Hanging Around)
  • "I don't have anyone I want; I know who I am going to get, so...I'm going to stick it out, and find a way to come out on top." (Unwind)
  • "I'm a very huggy person!" (Unwind)
  • "I am...really mad!" (Hot Potato)
  • "I trusted him--completely totally trusted [Cameron]!" (Move it Along)
  • "Woah; I love Connor as a partner. It finally feels good to win with him, and I feel super special because I myself already won two missions in a row." (Move it Along)
  • "We just won the mission!"(confessional)
  • "That's our nickname, the Powerhouses." (confessional)
  • "I think that friendship is important, but winning is the most important thing. So, if you need help, talk to me, because I have a hard time trusting everyone."
  •  "Hey Connor, how bad do you want to be here?"
    • Connor: "I want to be here super bad!"
    • "How bad do you want to go to Hawaii?"
    • Connor: "Really bad!"
    • "BE MONROE!" (Walk the Plank)
  • "I don't think I can trust anyone in this game, except Connor. Kelsey is a great person, but it's a game, so I can't trust anyone except my partner." (It's a Drag)
  • "That's what you get for lying!" (to Orange Team)
  • "I'm so mad at you Dakota. You lied to me again!"
  • "I'm so sick of everyone, like hating me!"
  • "Undefeated."


  • Taylor is the only contestant to win two missions with two different partners.


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