E2 temple

The Temple of Fate from E2.

The Temple of Fate is a location on Endurance, which appears in every season. It's a place where two teams end up getting sent up after the Temple Mission that day, and which one would leave.

Getting to TempleEdit

After every Temple Mission, the winner gets to select two teams to go there, where one team is eliminated, and another comes back. In every season except for Endurance 2, the teams selected to go there would walk there. With the exception of Endurance: Fiji, the departure time would be at precisely sunset, and the game would commence by dusk or nightfall.

At the TempleEdit

When the two chosen teams arrive at the Temple, they play a rock-paper-scissors type of game of Fire, Water, Wood. The game completely relies on strategy, but occasionally, on luck.

Each team writes one of the elements on a piece of wood/bamboo/rock, then discreetly hand it over to J.D., where he throws them into a kettle of fire. A minute passes before the chosen elements are revealed. If the team chooses the dominant element, then the team wins the round.


  • Wood vs. Water (Wood floats on water; wood wins)
  • Fire vs. Wood (Fire burns wood; fire wins)
  • Water vs. Fire (Water puts out fire; water wins)
    • If the teams pick the same element, the round doesn't count and the teams keep on going until one team wins two rounds.

The first team to win two rounds stays in the game; the losers are then eliminated. In the first season of Endurance, they had to forfeit their pieces and their trip, which were in play in the next Endurance Mission. Every season after that, they leave the pieces at where they're stored, where they will be given away to one of the remaining teams, along with a note. The exception is if the team was eliminated in the final three, then the pieces would be up for grabs in the final mission.

When a team is eliminated at Temple, they stand behind of the kettle of fire and vanish (a visual effect added during editing). In reality, the team says goodbye to the team that defeated them, then get a chance to talk to J.D. before leaving.

Other PurposesEdit

In the finale of every season except for Endurance: Fiji, the Temple of Fate is also used to play one final game. Rather than having the Fire-Water-Wood game, there's a table where there are three silver pyramids on it (which has a maximum of 10 slots overall, as the game progresses). The goal is to find the gold pyramid among them.

The team with the least amount of pieces coming in goes first, and are allowed to put as many as they like, as long as they leave at least one space empty. The opposing team then has to fill in the empty spaces. Afterward, the team whose piece sits in front of the gold pyramid gets to claim all the pieces on the table. The game goes on with more pyramids on the table until one team collects all the pieces, in which they become Endurance Champions.

Notable Trips to TempleEdit


  • 1.4: First Temple of Fate in Endurance History
    • Competitors: Gray and Green
    • Result: Green wins in two rounds.
    • Legacy: Began the Curse of the Gray Team.
  • 1.8: Green and Orange's second trip on E1
    • Competitors: Green and Orange
    • Result: Green wins in 3 rounds.
    • Legacy: Green becomes the first team in Endurance history to survive two trips to Temple.
  • 1.10 : Green's third trip to Temple
    • Competitors: Green and Yellow
    • Result: Yellow wins in 3.
    • Legacy: Began the Three Temple Curse, where no team who has ever gone up to Temple three times comes back.
  • 1.12 : Final trip to Temple on Endurance, also, the closest alliance that season.
    • Competitors: Red and Yellow
    • Result: Yellow wins in 4 rounds (including a round where both teams chose water.)
    • Legacy: Breaks up the Yellow-Red Alliance

Endurance 2Edit

  • 2.8 : Blue's first trip to Temple in Endurance History, after avoiding it the previous year
    • Competitors: Purple and Blue
    • Result: Purple wins in 3.
  • 2.10 : Max and Jenna's first trip to Temple since they were eliminated on Endurance
    • Competitors: Yellow and Brown
    • Result: Brown wins in 3 rounds
    • Legacy: Brown overcomes their past at the Temple of Fate.
  • 2.12: The two strongest teams of E2 face off at Temple.
    • Competitors: Purple and Brown
    • Result: Brown wins in 3 rounds.
    • Legacy: Brown goes on to win E2.
  • 2.13: Orange's third trip on E2, as well as Green's first trip
    • Competitors: Green and Orange
    • Result: Green wins in 2 rounds.
    • Legacy: Orange becomes the second team affected by the Three Temple Curse.

Endurance 3: HawaiiEdit

  • 3.6: First time where Gray hasn't been sent up to Temple first
    • Competitors: Blue and Orange
    • Result: Orange in 2.
    • Legacy: This breaks the Curse of the Gray Team, albeit temporarily.
  • 3.7: Yellow's first trip on E3
    • Competitors: Green and Yellow
    • Result: Yellow in 2
    • Legacy: Only time in the series' tenure where Green is eliminated prior to the final four.
  • 3.9: Tom and Vanetta's first trip since being eliminated in the Right to Stay
    • Competitors: Red and Brown
    • Result: Brown in 2
    • Legacy: The PROG alliance loses their first member.
  • 3.12: First time a one-person team goes up to Temple.
    • Competitors: Yellow and Brown (Tom)
    • Results: Yellow in 2
    • Legacy: Tom becomes the only contestant in Endurance history to be eliminated twice (first in the RTS, second at the Temple); also, this is the last appearance of the Brown team— debatable, as some fans place the colorless E5 team of Garret and Anna in the same category.
  • 3.14: Gray's first trip on E3
    • Competitors: Purple and Gray
    • Results: Gray in 2.
    • Legacy: The Gray Team finally survives the Temple of Fate.
  • 3.16: Yellow's third trip on E3
    • Competitors: Gray and Yellow
    • Results: Gray in 2.
    • Legacy: Last time where a team is afflicted by the Three Temple Curse.

Endurance: TehachapiEdit

  • 4.4: Gray-Blue alliance at Temple
  • 4.6: Red's first trip on E4
    • Competitors: Yellow and Red
    • Result: Red in 3
    • Legacy: Red finally survives the Temple of Fate, after losing on their first visit for the past three seasons. At this point, all the team colors have survived Temple at least once.
      • Additionally, Franke and Erika go on to survive another trip in Cubed against Blue.
  • 4.8: First time where a team goes up to temple with the team that they sent up.
    • Competitors: Purple and Orange
    • Results: Purple in 2
    • Legacy: Marks the only time in Endurance where a team eliminates the team who sent them up.
  • 4.12: Purple-Green Alliance at Temple.
    • Competitors: Green and Purple
    • Result: Purple in 4 (in the third round, both teams picked fire)

Endurance: High SierrasEdit

  • 5.6: Gray's last appearance on the show
    • Competitors: Gray and Yellow
    • Result: Yellow in 2
    • Legacy: Gray doesn't appear in Endurance: Fiji, presumably due to the events of this episode and the fate of every other incarnation; however, that may be because of expensive financing for that season— furthermore, Gray was slated to appear as well as Brown as part of a twist, but the aforementioned factor prevented that from going any further.
  • 5.8: Blue's first trip on E5
    • Competitors: Blue and Yellow
    • Result: Blue in 2
  • 5.9: First time a member of the PROG alliance goes to Temple
    • Competitors: Blue and Orange
    • Result: Blue in 3
  • 5.11: Record-Breaking trip to Temple.
    • Competitors: Blue and Red
    • Result: Blue in 3,
    • Legacy: The Blue Team became the first team to go up to Temple three times and survive.
  • 5.12: Only time where a team goes to Temple on a fourth trip
    • Competitors: Green and Blue
    • Result: Green in 2
    • Legacy: Green pulls off an upset win in the finals against Purple, and becomes E5 champions.

Endurance: FijiEdit

  • 6.7: Blue-Purple alliance at Temple
    • Competitors: Purple and Blue
    • Result: Blue in 2
    • Legacy: Blue survives the last Temple in the final three, and becomes E6 champions.
  • 6.9 : Revelation of the Magic Box
    • Competitors: Green and Orange
    • Result: Green in 2 (1 played round, 1 free round via the magic box).
  • 6.10: Final Temple of Fate in Endurance History
    • Competitors: Blue and Red
    • Result: Blue in 3
    • Legacy: Only time where a team wins the Temple Mission, but goes to Temple nonetheless— this was justified by Jonathan picking the lone red nut from the bag, after selecting blue.