7 Teams of Endurance

The 7 teams of Endurance. However, only the Yellow, Blue, Red, and Grey teams matched the list.

The List was created mostly by Jonna in season one to prevent tension before the partner game, Fate Falls. Because most people wanted the same person as someone else, she secluded herself and created a list of who would be each other's partner.

Despite everyone being satisfied with the list, Max decided to go against it. He later commented, "If people get what they want, that could pose problems for other teams." However, he also stated that other people would have done the same. Jonna mentions that the four people against the list were Aaron , Max, Trevor, and Brandon.
The List

The List itself. Notice how Skyler was initially supposed to be with Chelsea, and Trevor with Lana, but Jonna modified it.

Partners on the list were:

  • Jon-Sabrina* (Picked by Jonna)
  • Aaron-Jonna* (Picked by Ashley)
  • Christian-Ashley* (Picked by Layla, however, Sabrina whispered to her to put them together)
  • Trevor-Chelsea (However, Max chose Lana, instead of Chelsea, because Max observed Trevor pointing at Lana. This resulted in the destruction of the List.)
  • Brandon-Lana (Jenna chose Layla instead, because someone (possibly Jonna) pointed out, "It doesn't matter; the list is already messed up!")
  • Skyler-Layla (Max chose Chelsea, because Layla was already on a team)
  • Max-Jenna* (Picked by default, becuase they were the only two left)
  • A * indicates that the team chosen matched the team listed.


  • With the exception of Max and Jenna on the Gray Team, all the teams that followed the List made it to the final four.
  • It was shown originally that Skyler and Chelsea were originally meant to be partners, but Jonna changed it so Skyler would be partnered with Layla.
    • Ironically, the selection happened.
  • With the exception of Max, all the people who turned against the list were part of the short-lived Brotherhood alliance, along with Skyler.

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