Tucker Baer
Endurance: Tehachapi, Eliminated

Littleton, CO




Hang Glide


Hang Glide

It would be an understatement to say that Tucker loves sports. He’s a ski fanatic, competes in freestyle competitions, and has even ski-jumped off a 30-foot cliff! He’s been playing tennis since he was 5 years old; he’s cornerback and wide receiver on his school football team; and he’s on the swim team. He plays sports not just for the trophies, but because he wants to win. But Tucker is so much more than just a super jock. He's a straight-A student, and he even knows how to play the piano upside down while lying on a piano bench!

— bio
Tucker Baer is a former contestant of Endurance: Tehachapi. He was eliminated in the Right to Stay challenge.


Tucker was one of the six contestants that lost in the Right to Stay.


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Post EnduranceEdit

Tucker went on to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder.


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