Tyler Burkhalter
Full name

Tyler Chadwick Burkhalter


December 24, 1988


Jacksonville, Florida




First Coast Talent

Endurance 2, 3rd place

Jacksonville, Florida




Orange Team


Michelle Durand


Drop Out



Tyler is very involved with his church and volunteers at homeless centers, he also works with disabled kids and helps keep his city clean. He loves country music and his friends think he's funny. He doesn't let obstacles such as his diabetes get in the way of his goals and he always tries to help others.

— bio
Tyler Chadwick Burkhalter (b. December 24, 1988) is a former contestant on Endurance 2. He competed alongside his partner, Michelle Durand, as the Orange Team.


Tyler was one of the 14 contestants that made it through the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, like all the other males in the competition, he wanted Jacquelynn for a partner, while some girls wanted him as a partner. However, he caught the Orange ball, and was partnered with Michelle. He was quite disappointed, saying that he and Michelle were polar opposites, so he wasn't sure how well they would compete together.

In Tower of Power, Orange aligned itself with Purple, Red, and Scooter against Green, Yellow, and Brown. In the mission, Tyler was shown trying to direct Michelle during the swimming part of the challenge, which she struggled with and put Orange further behind. Afterwards, Tyler was shown to be really homesick, and wanted to go up to the Temple of Fate, which Green accepted, sending Orange alongside the Gray Team. However, Orange survived in three rounds, and came back.

The next day, the remaining teams received Gray's note, one part which states, "Send Tyler home!" because of his homesickness. Afterwards, Michelle lamented about Tyler to Annie, while Tyler commented how clueless and hopeless Michelle was as a partner. In the mission that followed, Orange was the second team eliminated from the game by the Green Team; afterwards, he mentioned how Michelle claimed she was a good softball player, but pointed back to when she said she was a good swimmer, so that didn't work out. Out on on the Cove, the Purple Team gave the Orange Team the Samadhi--an extra ball to control in the next Temple Mission.


  • "If I had my way... I would vote myself off right now."
  • "Dude, I hate my partner. She was drinking water and she was like "Is this a real coconut?" WHO CARES?! She's stupid..."
  • "...because red is the color of love..."

Post EnduranceEdit

Tyler is currently pursuing a career as an actor. He has appeared in various commercials and print ads.


  • Competed despite needing daily insulin shots.


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