I own a YouTube channel called Signatelli where I've uploaded ALMOST every episode of Endurance. There are only four episodes that I'm missing, and they're all from Endurance: High Sierras - Walk the Plank, Fill & Spill, Mid-season Recap, and Create Your Own Game. I know there are Veoh links to each of those episodes but now that they've all shrunk away, is there anyone else who has those episodes? It's just frustrating knowing that I'm so close to having the entire series, and I feel like there's someone out there who has the episodes on a Google Drive somewhere. If I could get access to the episodes somehow, I would be incredibly grateful.

Also, while I'm at it, I'd like to ask if anyone has the links to the first three episodes of High Sierras. My current uploads of those episodes on YouTube were taken using an external video recorder. If there's a better quality video somewhere, I'd like to have access.

Thanks in advance!

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