Vanetta Smith
Full name

Vanetta Smith


Los Angeles, California



Endurance 3: Hawaii, 5th place

Cleveland, Ohio




Brown Team


Tom Maden


The Arrival


I'm Pulling for You

A "people person" with energy to burn, Vanetta is ready to tackle Endurance the way she takes on school, sports and the performing arts. Pressure and criticism may be tough to take, but she's up for it.

— bio
Vanetta Smith is a former contestant on Endurance 3: Hawaii. She competed alongside her partner, Tom Maden as the Brown Team.


At fourteen years old, Vanetta was one of twenty new teens selected to be a part of the third season of Endurance.

Vanetta was one of six people to eliminated in the Right to Stay challenge. Those six contestants were given a second chance to be part of the game as an official Endurance player. They had to compete in a game called Headstrong. Vanetta placed third in this game, being the last girl to be eliminated. When Tom won the challenge, he picked her as a partner because she was the last girl in the competition. Later in the game, she fell when she was walking out of a hut, and seriously cut her leg. She had to be taken out of the jungle to get stitches in her leg, eliminating her from the game.


  • "I can't." (When it comes to Right to Stay competitions).

Post EnduranceEdit

Vanetta seems to be taking up an acting career, as she appeared in the 2007 movie Freedom Writers. She graduated from Burroughs High School n 2007, and went on to attend California State University, Los Angeles.


  • Only contestant who had to leave the competition due to an injury.

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